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Q1 FY22 results announced by Vishal Fabrics

Jul 29, 2021
Q1 FY22 results announced by Vishal Fabrics

According to Brijmohan Chiripal, Managing Director & CEO, Vishal Fabrics Limited, the results of the first quarter of FY22 have depicted that the company has shown strong operating performance. The company has also shown robust revenue growth with revenue of Rs. 2.94 billion. He also said that the domestic demand and improvement in exports have contributed to the growing sales of the company. The gross margin has also been impacted due to the increase in raw material prices.

The interim dividend is 0.50 per share, revenue from operations is Rs 2.94 billion, whereas gross profit is Rs 0.53 billion. The gross profit margin has shown a total growth of 18% in Q1FY22. It has also been noticed that the adoption of various cost reduction measures has helped to improve the EBITDA Margins for Q1FY22. EBIDTA margins stood at 10.5%. As per financials, PAT for Q1FY22 stood at Rs.0.10 billion.

Source – Press release of "Vishal Fabrics"

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