KARL MAYER cares about the future of Indian customers

KARL MAYER cares about the future of Indian customers

The company offers a range of innovations that are changing the face of the knitting industry worldwide

KARL MAYER offers warp knitting machines to the Indian market that keep its customers one step ahead. One of the most innovative models is the HKS 3-M ON. This three-bar tricot machine is extremely flexible and efficient, especially the new variant with a 280-inch working width. The extra wide machine offers highest speed and a patterning without pattern discs. It reaches 2,500 rotation per minute (rpm) and is thus 15% faster than the previous model with the same working width. The 28-inch offered can be extended by 20-inch. This increase of up to 90 inches compared to the previous 210-inch version – expandable by 8 inches – leads to even greater productivity and flexibility in terms of the number and width of fabric panels.

The HKS 3-M ON combines high speed with the possibilities of electronic guide bar control. The new ON gear allows patterns to be changed without production delays and the expense of pattern discs. The required data is loaded directly from KM.ON’s cloud, to which the machine has been networked via the industrial computer key. The patterning potentials can be quickly and easily adapted to current market needs with various new business models.

Furthermore, KARL MAYER demonstrates how its machinery can be used for producing fashionable articles. Two machines and its products are likely to be of particular interest to Indian warp knitting mills at the moment – a four-bar tricot machine to make in-trend items with a crinkle-effect look and a three-bar weft insertion machine to produce chic curtains with a woven-like look. Apart from warp knitting, the KARL MAYER Group is also leading in flat knitting, since the acquisition of STOLL in 2020.

It’s wonderful to stay at home
Tough times call for soft, comfortable outfits, and wide-cut clothing made from soft fabrics, with textures that promise a feeling of cosiness thanks to a voluminous look. These are flourishing and inspiring creative minds.

The textile product developers at KARL MAYER were also inspired by the trend towards ‘stay-at-home’ wear that also provides a feel-good guarantee. They have created a collection of lightweight warp knitted textiles that brought chic to home wardrobes with a multiform crinkle-effect look and bright colours, but that will also cause a stir on the streets and at parties in post-coronavirus times. KARL MAYER’s newcomers include dense fabrics with small repeat waffle or wave patterns, seersucker makes or origami-like designs, as well as transparent fabrics on which curved architectural lines stand out like veins.

The in-trend textiles are produced on a HKS 4-M EL in E 28. To implement the 3D effects, the universal high-performance tricot machine processes a polyamide wrapped yarn with elastane cores. Various lappings make different elastic properties and patterns possible with the same threading. In addition to high flexibility, the HKS 4-M EL offers maximum efficiency. The extraordinary design variety combined with a high working speed makes the HKS 4-M EL the machine of choice when it comes to manufacturing short runs and developing new products.

Living with more effects
KARL MAYER’s WEFT.FASHION TM 3 benefits from the high productivity of the warp knitting mill to produce curtain articles featuring the most popular weaving-like looks. The design potential offered in this process is manifold and are being tested out by KARL MAYER’s textile developers. Initial work concentrated on the basic structure, while further trials looked at incorporating simple effect yarns as full inserted wefts. The created samples – wafer-thin, extremely transparent and feather-light qualities with a basic organza structure and decorative thread covering the entire surface – met with great interest on the market.

In their latest project, KARL MAYER’s textile developers looked further into using effect yarns. They tested the processing of a total of 40 variants of different designs. Among other things, knots, burls, loops, graver hair, fringes, Lurex® spots, mini sequins, twists and pleats made the thread material truly eye-catching in a full inlay. The gauge of the design threads was just as varied as their appearance. Rough representatives had thicknesses of up to dtex 5,500, while the most delicate had a thickness of dtex 500.


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