Jowat to showcase green adhesive series at Techtextil

Jowat to showcase green adhesive series at Techtextil

Jowatherm-Reaktant GROW 631.20 is the first bio-based reactive PUR hot melt adhesive available for the lamination of materials in the textile and automotive industry.


Environment-friendly materials and maximum process sustainability are of crucial significance in the textile industry. This trend is supported by Jowat with products from its Green Adhesives series which are sustainable and powerful at the same time and which will take centre stage at the adhesive manufacturer’s booth at Techtextil this year.

Resource-saving adhesives with a certified bio-based content are an optimum choice for companies that are pursuing a sustainable reduction in their use of fossil-based raw materials. Jowatherm-Reaktant GROW 631.20 is the first bio-based reactive PUR hot melt adhesive available for the lamination of materials in the textile and automotive industry. The product has been certified “DIN-geprüft biobased” and “Green Leaf by Intertek” and has a bio-based raw material content of more than 20 percent. Its performance characteristics are equal to the tried and trusted conventional products of the Jowat portfolio: The bio-based adhesive is manufactured at the enterprise’s headquarters in Detmold and meets high requirements concerning its wash resistance and textile feel, and provides a flexible application temperature range between 110°C and 140°C. Changeovers are very easy, it can be integrated in existing application processes.

Increased protection of employees in production is another hallmark of sustainable and responsible enterprises. Since the early 2000s, Jowat has therefore been developing PUR hot melt adhesives which are not subject to hazard labeling requirements. The resulting product group Jowatherm-Reaktant MR supplies different reactive PUR hot melt adhesives with hazard-free labeling which are already being used successfully in a wide range of applications. Jowatherm-Reaktant MR

630.99 now also provides a hazard-free alternative for the textile industry. Due to a free monomer isocyanate content of less than 0.1 percent, the hot melt adhesive is not subject to hazard labeling and does therefore not require compulsory training starting from 2023. On the performance side, the adhesive impresses with a broad spectrum of adhesion, good initial strength and a low processing temperature from 100°C to 130°C. It can be processed using established production machines with gravure roller or slot nozzle applicators.

The two Green Adhesives have a wide field of applications ranging from mattress and pillow case production to the manufacture of building textiles, abrasive materials, cleaning textiles and to all textile lamination operations in the automotive industry. Both adhesives of course meet the requirements under “ECO-PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®” for the manufacturing of certified products in accordance with “Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.”

Find out more about Jowat Green Adhesives at the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, hall 11 booth C11.

Jowat SE with headquarters in Detmold is one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial adhesives. These are mainly used in woodworking and furniture manufacture, in the paper and packaging industry, for graphic arts, in the textile, automotive as well as in the electrical industry. The enterprise was founded in 1919 and has manufacturing sites in Germany in Detmold and Elsteraue, plus three other producing subsidiaries, Jowat Corporation in the USA, Jowat Swiss AG, and Jowat Manufacturing in Malaysia. The supplier of all adhesive groups is manufacturing over 100,000 tonnes of adhesives per year, with about 1,200 employees. A global sales structure with 23 subsidiaries plus solution partners is guaranteeing local service with close customer contact.

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