Jeanologia and Kurashiki Fashion Centre unite for sustainable innovation in Japanese textiles

Jeanologia and Kurashiki Fashion Centre unite for sustainable innovation in Japanese textiles

The pioneer Spanish company will share its vision on the importance of embracing state-of-the-art technology to preserve Japanese fashion’s essence of heritage and innovation.

Jeanologia, a global leader in sustainable textile technologies, will participate in the upcoming seminar series on trends in the textile industry organized by the Kurashiki Fashion Centre in Okayama. Fernando Cardona, Director of Brainbox at Jeanologia, delivered a keynote address on sustainability in this industry on January 30 at 2 pm.

Staunch believers in collaboration and the open exchange of ideas, Jeanologia viewed this seminar as an ideal platform to share insights and foster meaningful connections. The shared values between the Spanish company and Kurashiki Fashion Centre, particularly the emphasis on transforming the fashion industry into a fully sustainable system, align seamlessly with the company’s mission to create an ethical, sustainable, and eco-efficient textile and apparel industry. “Jeanologia designs and develops innovative technologies for the textile industry to enhance productivity, reduce water and energy consumption, and eliminate damaging emissions, guaranteeing zero pollution,” stated Fernando Cardona.

Jeanologia recognises that achieving systematic change requires collaboration from all industry stakeholders, and this seminar “provides an opportunity to highlight that the path to keep living up to Japanese fashion’s essences of both heritage and innovation passes through embracing state-of-art technology that supports reducing the industry’s negative impact”, explained the director of the Brainbox department at Jeanologia.

Tech artisan: Fusing tradition with innovation for sustainable fashion

At Kurashiki Fashion Centre Jeanologia will present its ‘Tech Artisan’ concept, that embodies the perfect synergy of technology and craftsmanship. It represents a denim artist who seamlessly integrates innovative approaches with traditional techniques, expanding creativity and producing unique, sustainable garments.

In embracing ‘Tech Artisan’, Jeanologia envisions the future of Japan’s fashion industry as a beacon of innovation, where technology aligns with traditional craftsmanship to create unique, sustainable products. This approach reflects Japan’s status as a country known for its artisanal, purist, and heritage-driven culture, especially in the realm of denim.

‘Tech artisans’ serve as a transformative force in the denim industry towards Jeanologia’s MissionZero initiative, that focuses on reducing environmental impact, implementing new technologies and processes to achieve sustainability. Successful cases of MissionZero implementation will be highlighted during the seminar, showcasing the positive impact on the industry.

Jeanologia looks forward to contributing to the discourse on sustainable practices in the Japanese fashion industry at the Kurashiki Fashion Centre seminar. By joining forces with like-minded organizations, the leading Spanish company aims to promote positive change and uphold the essence of Japanese fashion.

Jeanologia: More than 25 years transforming the textile industry

Since 1994, Jeanologia’s mission is to create an ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient textile industry, marking a new era through digitalization and automation. Its MissionZero transforms the way garments are manufactured, to eliminate 100% of the waste generated in manufacturing and finishing, from the fabric to the final garment.

The Spanish company is leading the transformation of the industry with its disruptive technologies: laser, G2 ozone, e-Flow, SmartBoxes, Colorbox and H2 Zero, capable of increasing productivity, reducing costs, water and energy consumption, as well as eliminating harmful emissions and discharges, guaranteeing zero pollution.

In 2024, Jeanologia celebrates the 25th anniversary of its pioneering laser technology, launched in 1999, which revolutionized denim finishing, replacing harmful practices and eliminating the use of harmful substances. With more than two decades of sustainable innovation, Jeanologia remains committed to creating an eco-efficient and ethical textile future.

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