JAM partners with MAE for Rs 2,700 crore investment in carbon fibre plant

JAM partners with MAE for Rs 2,700 crore investment in carbon fibre plant


This partnership positions JAM to emerge as a significant carbon fibre supplier.

Jindal Advanced Materials (JAM) announced an ambitious plan to expand its carbon fibre production capacity, aiming to produce low-tow to high-tow carbon fibres with an expansion target of 10,000 MT by 2027. The collaboration involves an investment of Rs 2,700 crore with Italy’s MAE S.p.A. to establish a carbon fibre plant with an annual capacity of 3,500 metric tonne. This partnership positions JAM to emerge as a significant carbon fibre supplier.

According to a statement, JAM has entered into an agreement with MAE S.p.A. to establish India’s inaugural carbon fibre facility, emphasising a comprehensive range of intermediates such as prepregs, fabrics, multiaxial, and carbon fibre composites tailored to various industrial needs. Abhyuday Jindal, a scion of the OP Jindal family, has made investments in the venture, targeting industrial markets with lightweight carbon fibre solutions.

The collaboration, directed towards the ‘Make in India’ initiative, underscores JAM’s commitment to advancing India’s carbon fibre industry. MAE S.p.A., renowned for its expertise in the field, finalised the agreement with JAM at JEC Paris, a prominent global industry event for composite materials. The Italian company will contribute top-tier engineering and equipment, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project, expected to be operational within 30 months. The project encompasses the entire value chain, from polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor to carbon fibre intermediates.

CP Agrawal, Director, stated, “This collaboration aligns with the ‘Make in India’ initiative, reflecting JAM’s dedication to advancing India’s carbon fibre industry across various applications.” Furthermore, Jindal Advanced Materials and MAE S.p.A. aim to reshape the landscape of the carbon fibre industry, bolstering India’s position as a global leader in advanced materials manufacturing.

Marco Rovellini, CEO, MAE S.p.A., remarked, “Through our combined expertise and resources, we aim to set new benchmarks in carbon fibre production, catering to the burgeoning demand in India and beyond.” This groundbreaking agreement solidifies MAE’s position in the global market, motivating further innovation and the provision of cutting-edge solutions globally.

Globally, composites have gained preference due to their distinct advantages, including being over three times lighter than steel, twice as strong, corrosion-resistant, and non-conductive. JAM, a part of the larger $ 35 billion OP Jindal Group of companies, stands as a leading manufacturer of high-performance composite materials, with three manufacturing plants in Haryana equipped with quality systems.

MAE S.p.A., a global Italian manufacturer of advanced materials and solutions, brings extensive expertise to the collaboration, promising significant advancements in carbon fibre production.