Itema exhibited weaving solutions at Techtextil in Frankfurt

Itema exhibited weaving solutions at Techtextil in Frankfurt

The weaving machine has been designed to excel in the  field of technical textiles.

Itema, the leading Italian manufacturer of advanced weaving solutions, including weaving machines, spare parts, and integrated services, exhibited the most comprehensive weaving portfolio on the market to weave technical fabrics at Techtextil, from June 21st to 24th (Hall 12 – Booth A50) in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 2019, Itema set up Itematech with the aim to provide to technical fabrics producers a partner capable of satisfying their specific requirements by offering to its customers cutting-edge technological innovations and customised solutions for technical fabrics and special applications.

Thanks to this forward-looking choice, Itematech offers nowadays the most complete weaving machines portfolio to weave technical fabrics, ranging from Negative and Positive rapier, to Monorapier for carbon fiber and fancy styles, Airjet and the legendary Projectile.

Techtextil was the perfect occasion to discover more about the new entries in the portfolio, that along with the rapier R9500-2, the airjet A9500-2 and the projectile P7300HP make up the range of Itematech weaving machines:

  • Unirap, the Itematech Monorapier Weaving Machines, combines the advantages of a positive rapier weft insertion with the gentle yarns’ treatment ensured by the free flight transfer, enabling complex and creative fabrics weaving with practically no limitations and maximum textile efficiency. UniRap is declined in two main machine versions, both reciprocally and easily upgradeable: UniRap P—designed to weave complex technical fabrics such as flat yarns up to 30mm—and UniRap G—mostly employed to weave specific technical textiles such as metallic or non-metallic (from carbon fiber to aramid and fiberglass) single threads up to 2mm in diameter. Ranging from refined lamè to high tenacity monofilament yarns, passing through bouclé yarns up to carbon, polyester and polypropylene tape, UniRap provides the possibility to weave sophisticated technical fabrics as well as innovative fashion styles.
  • Hercules Negative and Positive Rapier Weaving Machine has been designed to excel in the weaving of technical textiles. One of a kind on the market, Hercules provides unbeatable textile flexibility thanks to its unique weft transfer system that enables the valuable possibility to easily and quickly switch from positive to negative rapiers, thus leading to unparalleled textile efficiency when handling the widest range of weft yarns counts, from 10 up to 48,000 dtex, in single or multiple weft insertions configurations.
  • Maxiplus Negative and Positive Rapier Weaving Machine effective and flexible, it is the ideal technology to combine excellent machine performances with rapid return on investment. Capable to handle a wide range of yarns, the Maxiplus is an effective technology guaranteeing ease of use and weaving efficiency.

Trustable, skilled, and uniquely positioned in the market, Itematech is the ideal partner to identify the best weaving solution to weave the broadest range of technical textiles for applications such as Carpet Backing, Carbon Fibre, Heavy and Standard Coating Fabrics, Conveyor Belts and Filter Fabrics – including Bolting Cloth, Medical, Fiberglass, Agrotextile, Geotextile, Mesh Fabrics and many others.

Discover more about Itematech range of services and its unique technological offering to weave technical textiles by visiting Hall 12, Booth A50.

Itema is a leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services. The Company is the only manufacturer in the world to provide the top three weft insertion technologies: rapier, air jet and projectile, with an ample product portfolio and a commitment to continuous innovation and technological advancement of its weaving machines.

Itema is the sole shareholder of Lamiflex, leading producer of advanced composite products and owns majority stakes of Schoch, manufacturer of textile industry accessories.

Sixty per cent of Itema is held by Gianni Radici’s family heirs (the siblings Angelo, Maurizio, Paolo, Maria Grazia and Bruna). The remaining shares belong to the Arizzi and Torri families.

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