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We provide modern and latest machinery to our customers

Aug 01, 2019
We provide modern and latest machinery to our customers

Needles & Elements India Pvt Ltd has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of weaving machinery in India. Located in New Delhi, the company is one of the leading sellers of listed products. They are listed in trade India’s list of verified sellers offering supreme quality of computer control fancy yarn machines, fancy yarn machines, high speed warping machines, etc. Rajiv Jain, Director of Needles & Elements India, speaks on the company’s journey in India over the years.

Take us through your entire journey over the years.

I started this activity in the knitting industry business in 1991 as a technician to repair hand knitting machines. In the year 1992, I started making spare parts for various kinds of hand knitting machines and automatic flat and circular knitting machines. In the later stages, the company started dealing in all kinds of knitting machine needles, which gave a great boost to the growth of the company. As the time passed by, the experience and growth of Needles and Elements increased and today the firm has its own standing and reputation in the knitting industry.

In 1993, proprietorship company, Jain Hosiery was formed which started dealing in needles and parts for automatic knitting machines.

In 1996, we started to import needles and machinery from South Korea and became the dealer of Daehan Knitting Needle Industrial Company Limited.

In 1998, we became the sole distributor of Taiwan Giu Chun Industrial of Taiwan, who are pioneers in producing machinery for laces, elastics, fancy fabrics and fancy yarns. Eventually, venturing into narrow fabric and fancy yarn, Needles and Elements enjoys the highest sales in India for such machinery. Then, as the customer demand and requirements increased, the company started dealing in various textile solutions which included in Rhine stone setting machines, cord braiding machines, sequencing machines, metallic yarns, etc.

The year 2000 and 2001 marked new beginnings for us as we became importer and indentor for nylon clear film yarn. In 2002, we became the sole agent for Metatex Metallic Yarn of Taiwan.

Our client list became stronger day by day. We also supplied machines in companies like Vardhman Spinning Mills, Oswal Woolen Mills, Supreme Yarns, Dhawan Woolen Mills, Nestler Woolen Mills, etc. After the boom of laces and other narrow fabric items in the textile machinery in India, we started dealing in needle looms and lace braiding machines. In 2005, we became the sole agent of Guangzhou Feihong Electro Machinery Science Technology, China, who are one of the biggest producers of needle looms and computerised lace braiding machines.

We sold our machinery for products like laces and elastics to Pioneer Embroidery, Ginza Industries, Jain Narrow Fabrics, Royal Elastics, Hemla Embroideries, K.G. Embroidery Mills, etc.

In 2006, we became the agent for another Chinese fancy yarn machinery producer, Suzhou Huilong Textile Machinery. This company is a producer of machinery in twisting, texturising, winding, chenille yarn machine and flerry/circular cylinder fancy yarn machine.

As of today, we also represent Tontun Corporation, who is a renowned manufacturer of continuous dyeing machinery.

Along with this, we also deal in many kinds of value addition machinery from China, South Korea and Taiwan. We also sell machinery to make Spangle and Rhine Stone hotfix sticker making machines, heat transfer and sublimation machines, etc. We hope to provide our best services to the Indian textile industry with new technology and solutions for a great, smooth and advanced growth.

What are the advantages and benefits of your products from other competitors?

We provide modern and latest machinery to our customers. Our company is also environment conscious and hence has energy-saving machines. We believe in manpower saving, time saving, reliable manufacturing with good quality and provide our service back up.

What is the future strategy in its product mix, particularly for the textile industry?

Our company has a good reputation in the market for giving good services and machines. In the coming future, we want to stick to our principles and to give latest machinery for different aspects of textile sector with our good services, while keeping the customer base in mind.

How do you look at the potential of the Indian market for the segment your company is in?

Since textile industry is always growing, there are new technologies that are coming up and new ways for sustainability as well. Our company adds value to the industry and we think it has no end. As new trends and innovations are coming up, our key focus is to keep up with the growth process, be up-to-date, and provide our customers with modern technology, while also keeping in mind the need of both the company and customer.

What are the roadblocks that hamper India from realising its potential as a leading manufacturer of spares and parts?

The fashion industry in India might be growing but the textile machinery and understanding of its spare parts is less. There are a lot of students who take up textiles as a subject but are not properly taught about the machinery and the system. Other than this, there is also lack of skilled manpower and lack of workers and people who have very less interest in the area of textile machines.

Our client list became stronger day by day. We also supplied machines in companies like Vardhman Spinning Mills, Oswal Woolen Mills, Supreme Yarns, Dhawan Woolen Mills, Nestler Woolen Mills, etc.

If in export, which are your major markets? What is the scope in these markets in the near future?

Our company does not deal with exports, but India can be one of the most commending exporters of textiles if textile manufacturers are provided more help from the government. Along with the help, the awareness regarding the importance of the machines should be increased in the students who study about fashion or textiles.

Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan and South America are some of the key markets for our exporters.