iNTERSPARE presents latest Krantz Syncro

iNTERSPARE presents latest Krantz Syncro

“The requirements in the finishing on premium quality textiles and knitted fabrics are becoming more and more exacting,” says Dirk Polchow, Managing Partner at iNTERSPARE.

At ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, the German company iNTERSPARE Textilmaschinen presented current developments and innovations from its ARTOS, BABCOCK (BTM) and Krantz product lines for the sophisticated finishing of textiles and knitted fabrics. The central exhibit in the presentation was the latest version of the Krantz Syncro shrink dryer. “The requirements in the finishing on premium quality textiles and knitted fabrics are becoming more and more exacting,” says Dirk Polchow, Managing Partner at iNTERSPARE. “Our client’s buyers have very high expectations and we are very happy that we are able to support them still further with our innovations. This means that our clients are capable of fulfilling the requirements far better than their competition. We are looking forward to demonstrating our technical merits, for example the Syncro shrink dryer. With the new Syncro we have further extended our lead in the field!”

At ITMA, iNTERSPARE exhibited the Krantz Syncro with an overstretching zone, thereby demonstrating how even the most challenging requirements on modern finishing can be fulfilled on all levels by a superior machine design and the use of the latest technologies. This applies both to the absolute premium quality of the finished goods in connection with the high price-performance ratio and also the current crucial requirements in regard to sustainability, connectivity, and data exchange. Like its predecessor Haas Aerovar, the Krantz Syncro especially reveals its performance capability in the drying of warp knits, as tubular knitted fabrics or cut open, as well as both light and heavy items. However, more and more outstanding results are achieved also in the drying of woven goods. The Syncro has an overstretching zone which allows the fabric to be returned to its basic structure. This means that the elongation of the stitches is reduced in order to achieve the best possible residual shrinkage values.

Thanks to the diversity of the Syncro, a smooth operation is possible with multiple narrow or wide material webs (single webs or multiple webs). Furthermore, multiple processes such as drying, shrinking, intermediate drying and effect drying can be carried out here on just one piece of equipment.

The shrink dryer allows long dwell times and high phase leads of up to 200% on the conveyor belt. The result is a even and gentle drying process with optimal release of tension in the material. In addition the ventilation intensity and therefore the material dynamic can be steplessly adjusted. By selecting these many different parameters, the drying can be precisely optimised for the particular requirements of the materials.

The trade fair motto “Smart Finishing – Blue Technology” is directly aimed at the many constructive advantages of the finishing machines from the Krantz and Artos product lines and the example of the Krantz Syncro demonstrates this particularly well. With the Syncro, Smart Finishing is achieved in many ways. Firstly it delivers the highest premium material quality with a particularly soft feel, which is achieved through controlled shrinking and volume development. In addition, the product is also optimised by numerous smart components. In this way, high productivity is achieved with maximum flexibility and profitability.

The Syncro is equipped with the latest measurement and control systems from the Siemens firm, which open up wide-ranging possibilities for use in Industry 4.0 environments. The Syncro is also smart in terms of maintenance. In this regard iNTERSPARE has enhanced the Syncro in a number of ways. iNTERSPARE is presenting another innovation at ITMA with a fully-automated filter belt cleaning system. An automated filter belt replaces the filter insert here. This eliminates the need for cleaning by employees and the revolving filter belt is automatically cleaned by a traversing vacuum nozzle.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Syncro has likewise already set a real milestone, as sustainability is considered as early as during the construction phase. The patented Econ-Air airflow system makes optimal use of the used heat energy. A true “blue competence” process. Furthermore, it is of course equipped with components, drive units and engines from the latest product generations by Lenze or Siemens, which likewise represent the best possible solution for energy efficiency.

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