INNOWASH: Product range for continuous washing

INNOWASH: Product range for continuous washing

Washing with the INNOWASH washing boxes with single loop fabric guide execution has the advantage of a better accessibility for cleaning purpose or for easy handling of the fabric in case of need.

Washing with the INNOWASH washing boxes with single loop fabric guide execution has the advantage of a better accessibility for cleaning purpose or for easy handling of the fabric in case of need.

Established in 1959, Dhall is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of finishing and processing machines and still a family owned company. Dhall has a proven track record of over 50 years in delivering world-class products to more than 2,000 satisfied customers in India and over 30 countries world-wide including Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, Bangladesh and Thailand. Dhall´s list of international customers includes well-known premium textile industry leaders such as Arvind, Raymond, Alok Industries, Bombay Dyeing, Pradeep Overseas and Nahar Group in India, and Sunflag Industries (Nigeria), Ha-meem, Rahim Group (Bangladesh), Toray Group (Japan) and Bradmill (Australia) in the international textile markets. DHALL´s product portfolio contains the following machine range: continuous bleaching, washing and mercerising, pad dry and pad steam ranges, cold pad-batch dyeing ranges with S-ROLL padder, S-ROLL dye and finishing padders, jigger, drying ranges, stenter and relax dryers, shrinking ranges and vacuum foam finishing ranges. Dhall Group also offers ZIMMER (USA) – DHALL rotary nickel screens developed using the latest technology from Zimmer-USA and highest quality standards to deliver a world-class product of unmatched performance and quality.

Dhall Group deploys the latest trends in manufacturing technology (including CNC lathes, Trumpf laser sheet-cutting, HACO CNC bending) to build our machines at our engineering complex in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Backed by strong after-sales service and a customer-oriented perspective, Dhall is looking to deliver exceptional value and strong ROI for our target customers. In order to develop world-class capabilities in textile finishing and processing machines, Dhall Group has formed strategic partnerships with several key industry leaders, such as REISKY MAQUINAS/BRA (former subsidiary of KUSTERS/GER), ZIMMER/US, MENZELlUS & DOLFUSS MULLER/F.

The finishing of textiles is obtained by means of chemical and mechanical processes. Especially if one considers the chemical finishing of textiles, the process contains always the sequences: impregnation, reaction and the subsequent washing. This is especially the case, i.e., for finishing processes like, bleaching, mercerising and the washing off after the dyeing and printing. Thus, the washing process is of significant importance within the chain of textile finishing and determines to a great extend the results of the targeted finishing properties. As known in washing technology, the final result in washing is depending on (the ´Sinner Circle´) four major parameters: Mechanic in use, Temperature, time and chemistry.

The preliminary reaction process
Often, it is not directly possible to wash-off the impurities in one stage directly into the wash liquor. This is the case for sized woven fabric. Only in such a preliminary reaction process, due to enzyme based degradation, it will be possible to take out the size at a later stage. In case of most oil based contaminations, suitable tensides pulping are necessary, so that the oil can transformed into an emulsified stage. However, in case of most print paste thickener, the impurity must dwell first to a stage where enough water will be available to take-off the same into the wash liquor.

The diffusion washing

In the transition of the impurity from the fabric into the wash liquor, the impurity must travel throughout the flow barrier, which must be fuel led by thermal energy. This diffusion process is faster under the following scenarios:

  • Larger the diffusion coefficient becomes (the smaller the impurities)
  • Higher the liquor- as well<
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