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Indian apparel exporters seek UK FTA amid textile export slump

admin- May 9, 2024

The favourable outcomes of the recently concluded FTAs with Mauritius and Australia set a promising precedent for negotiations with the UK. Indian garment exporters are ... Read More

Textiles need demand uptick

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- September 21, 2023

Increase in imports of textile goods into developed economies such as United States, United Kingdom and Canada is an indicator of demand boost in cotton, ... Read More

What’s next for the textiles sector?

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- April 20, 2023

Prof Seshadri Ramkumar says, the industry needs to work on applicable aspects of sustainability and look for opportunities beyond its comfort zone. Textile sector is ... Read More

Technical textiles for health and environment

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- March 15, 2023

There is more work to do in the technical textiles sector to develop technologies and products in a cost-effective way to include sustainable aspects, suggests ... Read More

Impactful cotton research

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- March 8, 2023

Bio-based materials that can save lives and protect the environment needs support from government funding agencies in addition to industry support, suggests Prof Seshadri Ramkumar. ... Read More

UK-based SDC awards Texas Tech University’s Prof Ramkumar with Silver Medal

admin- November 11, 2022

The award was given in recognition of his work in the field of coloration sustainability. United Kingdom based Society of Dyers and Colourists , founded ... Read More

Demand will drive the cotton and textiles sector

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- September 15, 2022

Given the high inflationary situation we are facing now, stressful situations in EU and the United Kingdom due to high energy price, ongoing war between ... Read More