Indian textile industry: Be ready for a sustainable and digital future

Indian textile industry: Be ready for a sustainable and digital future

While advanced technology, digital systems and automated processes offer benefits in productivity and efficiency of the factory, they are also effective in the sustainability initiatives. Going forward, the faster manufacturers adopt to technology and digitalization, the better they will be able to perform and align with the global trends, says B Prakash.

In the last few years, sustainability has emerged as an important buzz word associated with fashion business. The covid pandemic has shown how external natural factors can have a profound impact on how businesses shape up and in future how we manage our natural resources will also have a direct impact on our businesses and our lives.

Sustainability is the ability to exist and grow without wasting future natural resources. A sustainable society must be socially responsible, focused on environmental protection, and have a strong balance in human and environmental systems. As a result of various human activities over the years like deforestation, carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, the constraint on natural resources is increasing every day and it is becoming imperative that appropriate measures are undertaken to safeguard the same. Given below is a brief snapshot of some statistical trends related to natural resources availability and consumption like land, water and fuel and the related impact it may have in the future.

If we look at global land use data over the past 30 years, there has been a 25% decline in per capita arable land availability. There is also a decline of 35% in forest land per capita as a result of increased deforestation. By 2050 global population will reach 9 billion indicating that there will be an increase in the global demand for agriculture by 40% by 2050. These shortcomings are the result of many human and climate factors including – Climate change, global affairs, and unequal distribution of land.


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