<strong>Groz-Beckert displays precision components at ITME</strong>

Groz-Beckert displays precision components at ITME

Groz-Beckert offers fabric formation and joining technologies and is known for supplying precision components.

Groz-Beckert, one of the global leaders in industrial machine needles, showcased innovative technologies and an extensive product portfolio at ITME 2022. Sanjay Chawla, VP – Sales & Marketing, Groz-Beckert Asia Pvt Ltd, stated, “Groz-Beckert offers fabric formation and joining technologies and is known for supplying precision components. In India, we have a plant since 1960, where we manufacture knitting and sewing needles for our global requirements. Our team is present in all the major textile clusters in India.”

He added, “Highlight of this show is the collaboration between Groz-Beckert and a machine builder in the field of circular knitting, where we hold a joint patent for a new technology, which keeps knitting system clean for a longer duration. Knitters, especially in staple fibre knitting, have to frequently clean the machine. With our new technology, knitters need to clean the machine only at the end of the life cycle of the needles (which range from 6-9 months). This helps in improving efficiency of the machine as production can run for longer duration without any stoppage. A machine, having this technology, has already been sold to one of the knitters in Faridabad during ITME 2022.”

In the product area of weaving, the focus was on the WarpMasterPlus drawing-in machine and the KnotMaster tying machine. Both are characterised by their simple operation and great flexibility. The product highlights presented by the product area Felting at India ITME included a variety of felting needles, including the patented GEBECON felting needle with improved surface quality and optimised bending resistance properties, as well as the HyTec P jet strip for spunlace customers.

Speaking on sustainability, he said, “Groz-Beckert is committed to sustainability. We have been talking about reducing carbon footprint more than a decade ago. Our needle technology results in less power consumption; thus, reducing energy cost.”

On future plans, Sanjay Chawla said, “With many leading textile brands opting for China Plus One policy, India is the only country which has the potential to fill in the gap in the global textile supply chain. Huge response received for PLI scheme shows the interest of big textile companies to invest in India. And we are fully geared up to meet the growing requirements of the industry.”

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