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Wide- & double-sided printers for home deco

Mar 01, 2016
Wide- & double-sided printers for home deco

Based in The Netherlands, Hollanders Printing Systems B.V. develops, designs and manufactures digital textile printers and machinery for disperse fixation and washing that have been designed to achieve the highest possible uptime, combined with the lowest possible purchase and operational costs against the best ecological footprint.

ColorBooster DS

With the ColorBooster, DS Hollanders will show at Fespa (Stand G150, Hall 1)—to be held between March 8-11, 2016—the most unique printer available in the market place at this moment. This is a one step double sided printer capable of printing with a precision of 0.07 mm on 3.20m width on both sides.

“A 100 per cent double-sided print is not common at all nowadays and we have succeeded to develop it: the ColorBooster DS; now ready for its bigger market introduction at Fespa being a real highlight without an equal” CEO Jacco Aartsen Tuijn introduces.

“Tested at four very different customers sites on a range of polyester materials we are not only opening the market for double sided signage but also for double sided home decoration and fashion” Peter Hollanders CTO explains. “With dedicated ink amounts and profiling we succeed in having exact the same colour on front and back. In mirror print, or on thicker materials in a two times positive print or a total different print on front and back.”

High-quality coloured wovens, too expensive to produce in small quantities, discharge and resist print simulation or double sided curtains, can be printed and fixated in one step same as for double sided signage. These high quality double sided coloured fabrics are now achievable at much lower production costs and these products will be therefore made available for a much wider consumer group. The creative possibilities are endless same as for the materials. Teflon-coated, velour, from lightweight till heavy-duty, the ColorBooster DS can print them all, double sided!

Efficiency, high quality and an overall consistency are key principles in the development of all the Hollanders printers. Reliable unattended overnight printing, an uptime of 90 per cent and cost effective printing are the result of this. Knowing that the eco-awareness is an upward trend in the industry, direct printing with water based inks is a must for Hollanders. Same as the significant savings in ink waste, due to the print-head shower with less head purging, will save on resources. Energy savings are realised by the build in climate control compared to a complete air-conditioned area. And with the anti-ink-mist systems, not only the machine and environment will be free of ink mist, also people’s heath takes advantage of this.

For businesses wanting to employ greener working practices and a greater eco awareness, all of the machines from Hollanders are designed and manufactured with environmental principles in mind. That all these features will have also a positive effect on a consistence and reproducible print is obvious.

ColorBooster 320

In this respect, the single-sided ColorBooster 320, also first shown at Fespa, will set new standard in robust printing. Having all the environmental advantages of the ColorBooster DS it is designed to offer users flexible modularity that can be upgraded in the field as and when needed. New at Fespa will be the possibility to upgrade, in the field, to a stacked head configuration and a speed of 120 sqm/h. Supplied with customer changeable Ricoh Gen5 heads, the CB 320 will be delivered with water based direct (high energy) disperse dyes typically very suitable for direct printing because of the high light fastness and production stability during fixation without bleeding or a halo.

With a maximum roll weight of 250 kg the CB 320 is particularly suitable for the mentioned overnight printing.

Other typical features of the ColorBooster 320 are:

  • Unique build-in head shower and auto-cleaning function
  • Open ink system
  • Hollanders High and Low energy disperse dye selection, water-based, non-toxic and odourless
  • Wide colour gamut and the highest UV resistance
  • In-line drying
  • Anti-ink-mist system
  • Optional internal printer temperature and humidity control makes workspace climate control redundant
  • A complete paper-free workflow, as well in printing as in fixation, will save on resources
  • Low overall energy consumption
  • Small operating space
  • High functionality and productivity at the best sq m price.

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