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We innovate products as per market demands

Feb 01, 2015
We innovate products as per market demands

Amith Garment Services, the name itself is synonymous in India for providing quality material testing solutions for the textile & apparel industry. The company, ever since it was launched in 1999, has been working with the intention to serve Indian textile industry and trade for ensuring its quality of final product made.

When ITJ´s senior sub Editor met Amith Garment Services´ CEO Jagadeesh H during the recently-concluded ITMACH event in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, he spoke at length on the company´s evolution, and their unique range of products [like spectrophotometre, imported washing machines, imported tumble dryers] for the textile industry.

Karthik Muthuveeran (KM): Please give some background information about the company. How it has evolved over the years?
Jagadeesh H (JH):
Amith Garment Services was started in 1999 with an intention to provide services to the garment/apparel industry by giving quality testing equipments and measuring instruments. At the time of inception, we started offering small instruments like GSM cutters, etc. We knew that with increasing competition amongst garment exporters, the only way for them is to ensure garment quality and ensure no rejections, so this way garment/textile industry will have to go for quality testing instruments.

Garment/fabric manufacturing can start an in-house testing laboratory with a small investment of about Rs 2-3 lakhs. In the primary level, they can do basic parameters, in-house testing and confirm that the fabric meets the desired standard. After this only, they can cut the fabric so that there are no rejections during the end stages. Then we started offering bigger products depending on market needs. Products like spectrophotometer, imported washing machines, imported tumble dryers were developed as per the buyer demands. These instruments offer lot of flexibility in terms of quick testing and more number of sample testing.

From 2004, the textile industry saw a downward trend. However, there was good demand of testing instruments as with downward trend in business, every manufacturer will ensure extra care taken to confirm the quality of goods and hence demand for our instruments went high. Amith Garment Services has had a good market in India and abroad. We have increased our product range as well. We are exporting our products to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, USA, Canada, Mauritius etc. Our customers in India are Garment exporters, fabric manufacturers, testing laboratories, buying houses and Govt. organizations.

KM: What are the wide range of products offered by the company? What makes these products different from that of the competitors?
We offer a wide range of textile testing equipments. Today, we have more than 250 products for fabric/garment testing itself. We have also launched many new products lately in the market.

We have a new product called ´Pick glass with light´. Earlier the light was not available, but now the product comes with light. Pick glasses are like a magnifying glass and gives five times bigger effect under influence of light so that thread counting becomes easy and comfortable experience.

We offer Spectrophotomers which eliminates the ambiguity during color matching. Here judgment is scientific and results can be stored/transmitted.

We also provide GSM cutting machines, without regular replacement of blades and pads. This reduces greatly time involvement of ordering and replacing blades and pads. Besides, the firm grip also gives better GSM results.
Amith Garment Services also introduced light weight zig zag fabric swatch cutting machine which helps neat presentation of samples to buyer. At a time, a height of 1.5´ of fabrics can be cut free determined sizes.´

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