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How to make the best out of older drum dryers

admin- June 1, 2019

The latest Mahlo Atmoset shows how to save excess energy, which is normally wasted during the drying process on a drum dryer, by which the ... Read More

KUSTERS CALICO Creating a new benchmark in wet processing

admin- March 1, 2018

Vadodara-based Kusters Calico Machinery Ltd builds machines and installations for wet processing of woven and knitted fabrics as well as for carpets and pile fabrics. ... Read More

Sustainable denim: Lifecycle Assessment

admin- June 1, 2017

Neha Arora and Dr Seema Sekhri provide a comprehensive review of pollution caused during denim manufacturing process and how sustainable practices can be adopted to ... Read More

We innovate products as per market demands

admin- February 1, 2015

Amith Garment Services, the name itself is synonymous in India for providing quality material testing solutions for the textile & apparel industry. The company, ever ... Read More

Custom AATCC wash cycle machines available

admin- January 1, 2015

Testing labs and other interested parties can now purchase washing machines programmed specifically to perform the wash cycle described in AATCC Monograph 6, Standardisation of ... Read More

Symphony has well-established clientele in textile space

admin- November 1, 2014

Established in 1988, Symphony leverages a unique and successful asset-light business model for its residential coolers in India and in-house lean manufacturing for its industrial ... Read More