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LIVA: 24 partners & still more queuing up to join

May 01, 2016
LIVA: 24 partners & still more queuing up to join

Fashion is a creative self-expression that prevails in a flexible society. Right from fashionistas to local clothing arenas, all are influenced by the fashion trends, artistic creations and inspirational designs. Fashion designers are always looking at innovations in fabrics and fibres as to what new things they can create. Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) provides the perfect platform for representing, nurturing, promoting and getting extraordinary fashion talents to the fore. LIVA’s participation as the official partner in the Amazon India Fashion Week in New Delhi was an endeavour to bridge this gap and reach to the fashion designer fraternity.

Liva gives an opportunity to designers to explore themselves because it is really fluid. It enables them to use their creativity in whatever way they like. LIVA fabrics are ready for fashion industry with “Ready to dye/print” which have exceptional fluidity, and a natural base which is driven by fashion.

Quality, innovation and service are three main mantras for LIVA to excel. The brand LIVA is already tied up with 22 major brands and more are planned for the coming season. The AIFW, Delhi being a huge platform for the fashion fraternity, the participation of LIVA as the official partner revolves around three main objectives:

1.Liva fabrics for Fashion Industry – Availability of ready to dye/print which have exceptional fluidity are nature based and driven by fashion.

2.Promote Availability of Liva fabric in small commercial quantities through LIVA partners – Liva has tied up with two retail partners in New Delhi, Surat, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad for smooth supply.

3.Showcase Liva SS 16’& AW ‘15collections – LIVA has many attractions for brand & fashion conscious youth. LIVA SS and AW collections offer 200 fabrics in each season designed in conjunction with WGSN, International Design Consultants and LIVA, led by global brands.

Market research with designers, retailers and consumers has shown exceptional potential for designer wear. “Here at Fashion Week, we are connecting with all designers to resolve the challenge of design worth fabric availability. We shared our solutions with them,” said, Manohar Samuel, President, Marketing & Business Development, Birla Cellulose.

“Fashion Design Council of India – FDCI and Amazon Fashion Week provides a the setup to collaborate with extraordinary fashion talent,” he added. “ LIVA Accredited Partner Forum has really grown and is catering to many domestic brands fueling manufacturing in India. The growth is very encouraging. We are collaborating with designer’s community in several ways. We connect with top designers at event like Amazon Fashion Week, other fashion shows and young designers through our event LIVA Protégé, disclosed Samuel.

According to Samuel, “As one of the largest textile and fashion conglomerates in the country we believe that Indian fashion landscape is extremely dynamic and its talent pool rich and diverse. LIVA is a new age natural fabric and has been accepted well by the textile value chain.”

In an effort to connect with the young budding fashion talent, LIVA has provided a platform called LIVA Protégé. In its first edition, Liva Protégé 2015, a pan-India designer hunt for recognizing India’s future stars in the field of fashion covered over 12 cities, top 50 fashion institutes and touching more than a hundred students across India. Liva Protégé was powered by Liva – a new-age fabric, from the house of Birla Cellulose, designed to infuse incredible fluidity into garments. It aimed to tap into the great Indian talent pool and ensure promising fashion designers. Liva Protégé 2015 celebrated upcoming trend and style to recognise innovation and breakthrough talent on a national scale. The finalists belong to India’s top fashion schools, namely, NIFT, Pearl, BD Somani, NID and Raffles. The shortlisted designers represented a range of unique styles and talents with each of them having their own masterpieces to showcase on the final day. Birla Cellulose has even sponsored a ‘Natural Fibre Chair’ at National Institute of Designing (NID) Ahmedabad. In addition to this, the company offers internship to 15 fashion students every year.

Eco and sustainable fashion has come to the forefront in the last few years; however for Birla Cellulose; sustainability is all about meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is heartening to know that Birla Cellulose works towards this goal at every step of their existence. Birla Cellulose is a collaborative partner for sustainable business across the chain and work with leading global brands on sustainability programmes.