Focus on R&D: NITRA’s 58th JTC

Focus on R&D: NITRA’s 58th JTC

The Joint Technological Conference (JTC) is an annual feature of India’s premier textiles research associations ATIRA, BTRA, SITRA and NITRA.

The Joint Technological Conference (JTC) is an annual feature of India’s premier textiles research associations ATIRA, BTRA, SITRA and NITRA. This is a jointly organised prestigious techno-conference in which delegates from the textile and clothing industry take part. The major technical developments in the field of textile technology, based on the R&D works carried out by four TRAs during the year, are presented and deliberated in the conference. The 58th edition of this event was hosted by NITRA at its campus in Ghaziabad on February 15, 2019. A conference on technical textiles Tech-Tex 2019 was also separately organised by NITRA on the very next day on February 16, 2019.

Gen VK Singh, MoS for External Affairs illuminated the 58th JTC as Chief Guest. Also present on occasion were eminent industrialists SK Kapoor and Raj Kumar Jain, respective Chairman and Vice Chairman of NITRA, Director General, NITRA Dr Arindum Basu and respective Directors of ATIRA, BTRA, and SITRA MN Subramanian, Dr Anjan K Mukhopadhaya and Dr Prakash Vasudevan. Emeritus Prof VK Kothari and Prof R Chattopadhyay, both from IIT Delhi along with MK Garg from Alps Industries Ltd chaired the three technical sessions. During the daylong conference, twelve technical papers were presented to about 200 industry professionals. In the sidelines of the 58th JTC, an exhibition and a poster presentation event was also organised to mark the moment.

SK Kapoor, Chairman, NITRA, mentioned that TRAs are the flag-bearers of textile research in India and are also acting as implementing agencies for MoT. He urged the industry to provide more support to TRAs and create an environment so that TRAs can wholeheartedly concentrate on research works and pass on its fruits to Indian textile industry.

Dr. Arindam Basu, Director General, NITRA while presenting the Combined Report on the Activities and Achievements of TRAs, informed that this year a large numbers of R&D projects were conducted by TRAs.

Noted industrialist and Vice Chairman NITRA Raj Kumar Jain opined that besides conventional textile research, TRAs should emphasise more on technical textiles. He asserted that technical textiles products under make-in-India would not only bring in foreign currency to India’s coffer but would also create a lot of new jobs for youngsters.

Gen VK Singh expressed happiness over the activities and achievements of the TRAs and advised them to develop marketable products so that buyers from world market rely on Indian textile products in preference to other countries. He also urged the TRAs to focus on technical textiles through CoEs that are established in TRAs.

Dr Prakash Vasudevan, Director, SITRA, while delivering the formal vote of thanks, mentioned that the TRAs have pioneered the act of R&D for the Indian textiles industry for over 60years now. They have played a lead role in developing the Indian textile industry by conducting need-based research and other supporting activities that help the industry grow and meet the cost and quality standard of a globalised market.

NITRA organises conference on technical textiles Tech-Tex 2019.

On the very next day of the 58th JTC NITRA separately organised Tech-Tex 2019, a conference on protective and automotive textiles. Present on the occasion were respected directors of ATIRA and BTRA MN Subramanian and Dr Anjan K Mukhopadhaya, Director General, NITRA Dr Arindum Basu and senior officials from various defense outfits and the industry.

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