FGT partners with Rieter to upgrade yarn

FGT partners with Rieter to upgrade yarn

FGT was looking for a straightforward solution to upgrade its ring yarn to compact yarn without large installation effort and without high investment costs.

Global Textile Group is one of the leading textile companies in Uzbekistan which produces high-quality yarns with modern technology. Its factory Fergana Global Textile (FGT) produces 26 tonne of carded yarns and 12 tonne of combed compact yarn per day as well as 20 tonne of blended yarn from cotton and polyester. As a vertically integrated company, it processes cotton grown on its own fields in a ginning plant and also started to produce dyed knitted fabrics. The yarn and fabrics are certified with Oekotex Standard 100 and are sold to sewing and knitting mills of big brands mostly in European countries. To fulfill the high requirements of their customers, FGT partners with Rieter to upgrade yarn, FGT was able to increase the value of its yarn while upgrading existing equipment. 

The Challenge

FGT was looking for a straightforward solution to upgrade its ring yarn to compact yarn without large installation effort and without high investment costs. Compact yarn is very popular amongst FGT’s customers as it has a better performance in downstream processes. The company needs to rely on a stable running behaviour of the machines for a high mill efficiency and on consistently high yarn quality to satisfy the requirements of its customers. As FGT newly started to produce their own dyed knitted fabrics, they need to build a reputation and customer base also in this field.

The Solution

In its broad compact-spinning portfolio, Rieter offers compacting devices which can be plugged in and out very easily on ring spinning machines. The device COMPACTeasy in combination with Rieter combers E 86 was the right solution for FGT. COMPACTeasy features a compacting system with a y-shaped channel, enabling intensive double compacting without any additional energy consumption. High yarn quality is ensured by the integrated plunger rod. This pin is located upstream of the compacting channel. It acts on the fibres while they are in the drafting system area – the area where they are subject to the least guidance. This ensures high yarn tenacity and reduces hairiness. The compacting device can be easily retrofitted on existing machines.

The Customer’s Benefits

FGT has upgraded its ring yarn by using the combers E 86 in spinning preparation and by installing the compacting device COMPACTeasy on its ring spinning machines G 37. With the production of combed compact yarn, productivity on the G 37 has increased by 7%.

To compare the yarn quality produced on the G 37 with and without COMPACTeasy, the compacting device has been plugged out at several spinning positions. As a result, combed ring and combed compact yarn (from 100% cotton with a yarn count Ne 30) has been produced on the same machine. The results for unevenness were similar for both the ring and compact yarn. In terms of hairiness and tenacity, the compact yarn achieved a significantly better quality: hairiness was 28% lower and tenacity 12% higher (Figure 1).

Thanks to COMPACTeasy, which could be quickly retrofitted to FGT’s existing ring spinning machines, the company now benefits from all the advantages of a compact yarn. These advantages are not only noticeable in higher yarn quality, but also have a positive impact on downstream processes. FGT appreciates the better performance of its knitting machines when processing the compact yarn and fabrics are characterized by less pilling.

If needed, the compacting device can be easily plugged out from the G 37 without using any tools to switch to the production of ring yarn again. This offers a high level of flexibility when faced with market requirements that are constantly changing.

Figure 1: The value for hairiness and tenacity are better with COMPACTeasy.

“The combers E 86 and the installation of the compacting device COMPACTeasy on our ring spinning machine were accompanied by excellent service and timely support from Rieter field service staff. The compacting device gives us the opportunity to add value to our yarns while using existing equipment. This not only strengthens our own fabric production, but also helps us meet the needs of our customers and forge new partnerships,”says Otabek Nishanov, CEO of Fergana Global Textile.

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