<strong>Ecolab joins Microsoft to showcase smart water management solutions at Hannover Messe</strong>

Ecolab joins Microsoft to showcase smart water management solutions at Hannover Messe

Ecolab is a global sustainability leader offering water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions. Ahead of Hannover Messe, 2023, it has announced an enhanced collaboration with Microsoft to feature technologies that help companies progress toward their sustainability goals.

Ecolab will join Microsoft at Hannover Messe 2023. Ahead of the event, the two companies announced an enhanced collaboration that will utilise technologies to deliver improved efficiencies in industrial applications. The goal is to drive sustainability through the power of water — reducing water usage also reduces energy usage, thereby helping industrial companies achieve their sustainability goals in a profitable way.

The World Resources Institute projects that the gap between water supply and demand will reach 56 per cent by 2030. Further, global water use, storage and distribution contribute to an estimated 10 per cent of greenhouse gases. Smart water management can help companies develop strategies to reduce water and energy use while still prioritising business performance.

“Our climate crisis is escalating. Businesses can respond by addressing one especially vital resource—water,” said Michael Cerilli, Vice President, Digital Growth, Ecolab. “The digitisation of water and the ability to analyse the resulting data is giving us a better picture of industrial water usage. When you combine this information with Ecolab’s institutional knowledge, and then employ our digital tools and automated technologies on site, companies can quickly implement solutions that make them more efficient and sustainable while maintaining profitability.”

Ecolab expertise

In addition to providing insights into the collaboration with Microsoft, Ecolab plans to showcase multiple innovations that have been recently launched or enhanced.

Ecolab recently unveiled the Water for Climate program, which offers holistic solutions, including auditing, consulting, engineering, connected chemistries and digital solutions to help support reduce, reuse, and recycle water strategies across an enterprise—all while still prioritising business performance and profitability. The program focuses on providing enterprise solutions to help companies in multiple industries — including manufacturing, energy, food and beverage, and packaging—make progress on their sustainability and growth goals in tandem.

Ecolab also plans to showcase innovative smart water management solutions like 3D TRASAR technology and digital services powered by the ECOLAB3D digital intelligence platform. Ecolab leverages digital technologies, such as connected IoT, prescriptive and predictive analytics, digital twin technology and augmented and mixed reality—among others—with connected chemistry, automation and real-time monitoring to produce actionable insights that lead to fast action and results.

Ecolab’s digital ecosystem connects to the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center, a global network that connects industrial assets and plants at six locations worldwide, with experts who provide real-time monitoring of water usage, quality and performance. The team leverages the ECOLAB3D platform, which assesses data from more than 30,000 water performance systems around the world that fuel over 90 billion data points each year. Site-level inputs, cloud-based infrastructure and services across an entire enterprise transform this data into powerful insights.

Enhanced collaboration with Microsoft

Ecolab is working with Microsoft to drive solutions that build on the unique strengths of each organisation. Together they plan to help unify water and sustainability data for joint users of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and ECOLAB3D. In addition to reducing costs, the collaborative solution will centralise water consumption data and integrate it with other environmental, financial and operational inputs. This will lead to improved reporting, helping organisations manage progress against goals with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and ECOLAB3D.

“Hannover Messe is a great opportunity to show how Ecolab and Microsoft are working together to drive innovation and sustainability throughout the industrial sector,” said Tony Stanich, SVP, Marketing for Nalco Water, an Ecolab company. “We are excited to show the world how this collaboration is truly delivering on its promise to harness digital technologies and use them to generate breakthroughs in sustainable operations.”

Ecolab will highlight its solutions at Microsoft’s booth, stand G06 in Hall 17 at the Digital Factory Fair.

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