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Jettex® digital printing inks: Reliable, long lasting

Jun 01, 2014
Jettex® digital printing inks: Reliable, long lasting

The Jettex® digital printing inks from DyStar® are designed for long lasting operational performance with the broadest colour space coverage. They ensure the most reliable and reproducible digital textile printing on state-of-the-art industrial textile printing machinery available, which includes scanning type as well as single pass machines. These were revealed at the recently-concluded 6th China (Shanghai) International Printing Industry Expo.

The long lasting operational performance, which the Jettex digital printing inks assist to keep the cost for print heads and maintenance at very low levels. The Jettex ranges comprise of DyStars reactive dye inks Jettex R, acid dye inks Jettex A and disperse dye inks Jettex D for direct printing with excellent fastness and process properties. These inks can be used successfully on common fabric types such as cotton, viscose, silk, wool, polyester and polyamide, as well as blends with elastane fibres. The joint application together with DyStar Sera preparation for digital textile printing will deliver very brilliant and deep shades with excellent fastness properties. With over a century of heritage, DyStar is a leader in both product and application innovation for the textile and leather industries. From being specialised in coloration, the business has since evolved into a sustainable solution provider, offering the industry an extensive range of colorants, auxiliaries and services. DyStar Group is present is more than 50 countries.

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