Dual awards for innovation in High Volume Fibre Testing Instrument

Dual awards for innovation in High Volume Fibre Testing Instrument

Mag Solvics’ HVT Genius 2 is a fully automatic comb preparation – RotoSampler for testing length & strength.

MAG Solvics, a leading player in the field of textile testing instruments, has recently received ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for R & D Innovation from leading association from Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (TMMA) and ‘R&D Innovation Award’ from Indian Textile Accessories and Machinery Manufacture Association (ITAMMA) in the area of textile testing & monitoring instruments for fully automatic High Volume Fibre Testing Instrument – HVT Genius 2. Receiving awards from two renowned associations for the same product itself exhibits the innovation features of the product.

The new HVT Genius 2 has the following unique features….
⦁ Tower type construction
⦁ Fully automatic comb preparation – RotoSampler for testing length & strength
⦁ Automated feeding in micronaire (fineness) module
⦁ Testing of colour, surface trash & moisture in single operation
⦁ Inbuilt industrial grade balance
⦁ Touch screen display and wireless integration with printer
⦁ Inbuilt RH per cent and temperature sensor
⦁ Inbuilt Air booster and reservoir for uninterrupted testing
⦁ Can do more number of tests in given time

Senthil Kumar, Head – R & D, received award from TMMA.

Baskaran, VP – Sales, received award from ITAMMA

“Thanks for TMMA and ITAMMA for recognising valued innovation done by our R & D and motivating our team to do much more innovations in coming days” says C Dhandayuthapani, Managing Director, MAG.
Further he explained that in a single tester one can evaluate all the cotton quality parameters such as length parameters (either in HVI or ICC mode), strength & elongation, micronaire & maturity, colour parameters & colour grade, trash parameters & trash grade and moisture content.
Also possible to attach MAG’s Fully Automatic Trash Separator – AccuTrash with HVT Genius 2 instrument which further adds possibility to test real gravimetric trash content of cotton, which results complete and comprehensive evaluation and passing of cotton lots by spinning mill at much reliable and faster way.

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