Customer Lifetime Value: The essential marketing mantra

Customer Lifetime Value: The essential marketing mantra

Better Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) forecasts help you maintain a better inventory, plan production properly and avoid overspending by having finished goods pending deliveries, says Rajesh Balkrishna Padalkar.

Post Covid the basic human life style changes have started to happen. To put it in a nut shell, slowly the mouse and keypad will be antique pieces and “voice and hand gestures” will be the new user interfaces with all the devices. Don’t be surprised if your 55-inch TV will be obsolete as more and more wearable glasses or even contact lenses are your basic visual devices. We all would be having our very own Virtual Assistants who will help us throughout the day doing all the work and chores. Therefore, the predicted mobile traffic by 2025 is going to be more than 100 exabytes.


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