Category: Spinning

Hypertop: The future of carding

Roshna- September 26, 2023

Hypertop offers unparalleled good fibre savings of up to 0.5 per cent. Graf is introducing Hypertop, a new flexible flat which will sustainably change the ... Read More

ROBOspin increases efficiency in ring and compact spinning

admin- September 25, 2023

ROBOspin shortens the time for ends down detection and its repair as much as possible – this is the key to higher machine efficiency. Two ... Read More

TCO 21XL: 12 heads boost production

admin- September 25, 2023

The costs of running the machines are broken down into 12 instead of eight heads, making the machine more cost-effective over its entire operating life. ... Read More

Rieter helps Sagar Manufacturers increase efficiency with ESSENTIALmonitor

admin- August 26, 2023

Sagar Manufacturers implemented Rieter’s ESSENTIALmonitor in 2021, combining it with the individual spindle monitoring ISM premium on their ring and compact- spinning machines Digitisation is ... Read More

ACC64 and ACC68 Cots boost lifetime

admin- August 26, 2023

Up to 50 per cent longer grinding intervals in compact spinning. Accotex demonstrates once again its leadership in the soft cot market with the launch ... Read More

Basant Fibertek introduces advanced solutions for open-end spinning

admin- July 24, 2023

Their solutions focus on process improvement and optimisation lead to higher production, lower waste, and better quality with low investment. Basant Fibertek, market leaders in ... Read More

IDF 3: The shortest path to perfect quality

admin- July 24, 2023

Usually, it’s not possible to get everything you want. But with the new integrated draw frame IDF 3, you really can. It offers a range ... Read More