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Pailung: Leading manufacturer of knitting machines

Oct 15, 2020Sponsored
Pailung: Leading manufacturer of knitting machines

Pailung today is already a leading knitting machine manufacturer in the world, and Pailung will continue its efforts to in innovation. In addition, Pailung will apply its experience and maintain its traditions to create a new era for the knitting industry in the 21st century.

To stay innovative and to help satisfy customers’ knitting demands, Pailung always learns and finds the true reasons behind the problem. Pailung knows that creating a smart knitting factory is not just based on trends, but also enhancements of possibilities in knitting technology. That is why the Pailung Online Monitoring System (POMS) is developed.

Pailung Online Monitoring System (POMS) is an innovative and integrated management platform for knitting mills. POMS can communicate to Pailung knitting machines via TCP-IP architecture.

It’s not only for fabric production monitoring but also for knitting machine control. For monitoring function, POMS can collect the data of fabric production and machine status, and submit specific reports to a manager. All information can be accessed by managers via handheld devices such as a Smartphone or tablet.

For machine control function, it can distribute the fabric producing worksheet to specified knitting machines at the same time. Each producing worksheet includes many operating parameters and values of machine setup for fabric knitting such as target of yarn length, stitch value, and RPM of machine. The controller will receive these values then auto-adjust related mechanisms to repeat the same fabric production. POMS is developed under industry 4.0 concept and is the best management solution for the knitting industry.

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