<strong>Bajaj Industries unveils ZUVON brand at ITME 2022</strong>

Bajaj Industries unveils ZUVON brand at ITME 2022

DH Textile Engineering is one of the main stainless steel fabricators and predominantly an OEM provider to worldwide material apparatus producers.

The Kolkata-based Bajaj Industries Pvt Ltd, known for manufacturing pins and pin products, launched its ZUVON brand at ITME 2022. “Traditionally, we have been manufacturing pin and pin products for a range of fibres – mostly for spinning preparation, but also for other processes. Earlier majority of our sales used to come from pins, but now pin products account for a major share in our business. We have been developing pin products for various applications such as cotton, recycling, long-fibres, etc, under different brands. Now, we have decided to bring everything under one umbrella of ZUVON range of pin products with enhanced features, better fitments & metallurgy. Gradually, we will move all our earlier brands under ZUVON and will have a coherent branding strategy,” explained Pankaj Bajaj, Director, Bajaj Industries Pvt Ltd.

Speaking about the market demand, he said, “At present, market is very tight as the demand is low. There are bright spots like people are willing for recycling due to high cotton yarn prices. With circular economy gaining moment, Bajaj Industries is geared to tap the recycling market with its innovative solutions. In the long run, the future for our company is bright.”

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