AE retrofits at par with latest cards

AE retrofits at par with latest cards

Amarnaathh Enterprises, Coimbatore has been receiving extremely good response to its successful innovations in carding. The successful performance of its retrofits has earned it repeat orders. The C1/3 and LC 100 cards, the most successful cards in the world, meet any challenges of different types of raw material.

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Amarnaathh Enterprises, Coimbatore has been receiving extremely good response to its successful innovations in carding. The successful performance of its retrofits has earned it repeat orders. The C1/3 and LC 100 cards, the most successful cards in the world, meet any challenges of different types of raw material. Maximum working flats, gentle opening and maximum degree of opening the fibres in licker-in zone, long life of combing segment, smooth flow and strong movements of flats, steady constuction of cylinder side frames, strong constant action of cylinder, flats and doffer are additional advantages of the C1/3 and LC100 cards. 

Amarnaathh Enterprises has studied the setting accuracy of these cards to attain the maximum perfection, which has resulted in better quality consistency throughout the process. The C1/3 carding machine is most suitable for OE pressing, virgin cotton, synthetics, dyed silk, hemp, flax and surgical cotton. The customers of dyed synthetics and high count processing from Rajasthan are highly satisfied with performance in C1/3 card. Some of the customers still are using only C1/3 card for better yarn performance. This is the main reason Amarnaath Enterprises does most of the retrofits for C1/1, C1/2, C1/3, LC100 and LC300 cards. Because of the most reliable metallurgy performance, Amarnaathh has developed the autoleveller suitable for all types of cards like C1/1, C1/2, C1/3, DK Series, LC100 card along with AE chute feeding system. AE has been manufacturing two types of chutes as per customer choice. AE?s pressure chute is the most successful in the textile industries and working to the entire satisfaction of the customers for the past three years.

Ae autoleveller delivers a CV% of 2.5 to 3.5 of sliver continuously. It consists of one set of additional feed roller, inverter drive feed roller, doffer belt drive along with PLC and panel board. The whole autoleveller is controlled by just 3 sensors. The front sensor helps to monitor the delivery hank and gives the input to the PLC of the delivery desire hank. Accordingly primary feed roller controls the feed roller rpm The primary feed roller (additional feed roller), which is equipped with two sensors at both sides measure the thickness of the fibre at the backside. In coordination with the front sensor, the speed of the licker-in feed roller gets altered. The desired hank material is only fed to the licker-in. But with machines available in the market auto leveller gets corrected based on the delivery sliver only. Hence the successful performance of the autoleveller results in repeat orders for AE. AE?s autoleveller?s complete panel box is at par with the latest generation of cards. Every feature has been incorporated, and AE assures that the sliver CV% will be maintained between 2.5 to 3.5 with no hank shifting throughout the process. AE autoleveller working with cotton, dyed, polyester cotton, and viscose continuously monitors report continuously for about two years. AE is prepared to prove in any carding machine. 

For the Rieter cards, AE is manufacturing a retrofit, which with double combing segment helps to remove more trash with better opening without damaging the fibres. Since it is fully open, AE has introduced the pre-carding segment along with flat reversal. This helps in controlling of carding fault. Since flat reversal is introduced it removes more trash along with foreign matter. Reducing maintance and increasing production in C1/3, LC100 and LC300 Cards Rieter Cards. In the latest generation of cards the cylinder, doffer and licker-in remain same. To get  better quality the cylinder is lifted up, more stationary flats are built, doffer gear box is removed, suspended type coiler, all spur gears removed and the unit is working with timer gears.

Same retrofit is applied for C1/1, C1/2, C1/3, LC100, LC300, LC300A Cards, which have been working successfully for the last several years. In these Cards the main maintenance involved area is doffer to coiler. It involves more than 3500 parts and doffer to feed roller involves more spares and always serious attention is needed, because cylinder doffer and licker-in working with 450 rpm and licker-in 1050 rpm. But feed roller and doffer works with very 1 to 5 rpm and 40 t0 50 rpm when compared with cylinder and licker-in. To meet such a slow speed olden days gear box is introduced.
Web f king-240
Webf king is the most suitable for all Rieter cards, namely from C1/1 to C1/3, LC100, LC300, LC300A Cards. It helps to remove the existing take-off device, delivery travelers totally. In addition doffer belt drive helps to remove from doffer gear box or doffer motor to doffer 190 T spur gear. For 190 T doffer, AE has developed the timer belt drive mechanism. The combination of webf king with doffer belt and doffer belt mechanism completely removes the existing parts from doffer to coiler keep maintenance free. This modification is very much suitable for the LC100, LC300 and LC300A.

Innovative coiler C1/1, C1/2, C1/3 Cards are having sun and planetary coiler, which  involves more maintenance always. If sliver gets full the whole coiler head gets lift-up and entails maintenance throughout the life time. But AE?s innovative coiler is workable practically with 220 mpm. The specially designed coiler head having suspended type coiler head with replaceable SS coiler tube is the specialty of the coiler. AE has supplied more than 58 coilers to Orient Syntex, Bhiwadi working to   entire satisfaction. It takes drive from the RH side of the machine and helps in easy maintenance with less moving eliminates. The combination of webf king with coiler helps in working with 188 mpm at   Ganapathy Spinning Mills, Palladam, delivering 98 per cent efficiency at a production rate of 65 kg per hour. Since AE introduced the flat reversal along with C cleaner deliver the total IPI value is less 25 per cent when compared with DK780 Cards. AE has achieved much less wastage. The satisfied customer has planned to convert all the C1/1 Cards along with centralised waste collection system and panel box with feed roller inverter drive. The existing panel box is completely removed by the AE?s innovative panel box. The doffer driven by timer belt feed roller is also driven by inverter. The entire carding machine is working with only 6 timer belts, which is par with latest generation of cards. AE has made a lot of progress since its inception 20 years ago in the implementation of retrofits in carding machine from C1/1 to the latest carding machine of LC333/C4 and DK800 cards. AE?s surgical and nonoven complete set-up machines consisting of automatic bale plucker step cleaner carding feeding machine, chute surgical carding machine rolling and cutting machine are built with the latest technology.

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