3D compacting pushes the limits of yarn strength

3D compacting pushes the limits of yarn strength

By reducing conversion cost by 10 per cent, COMPACTapron is the right system for competitive spinning mills.

COMPACTapron, the latest addition to the Suessen compacting family, sets a new benchmark for yarn tenacity with an additional 0.5 to 1 cN/tex compared to other compacting systems. By reducing conversion cost by 10 per cent, COMPACTapron is the right system for competitive spinning mills.

COMPACTapron makes compact spinning more affordable. It offers the right balance between high productivity and low operational costs without compromising on quality. Most importantly, this latest compacting device reduces electricity costs. The system is suitable for most machine types and common materials including blends from yarn counts Ne 20 to Ne 80.

Low conversion costs

The design of COMPACTapron (Figure 1) makes it a formidable asset to reduce the cost of conversion. It features only one big cot, resulting in 50 per cent less maintenance time and almost no lapping. As COMPACTapron needs very few consumable parts, it has a very low spare parts cost per spindle per year. The optimised suction slot allows reduced air flow and power demand and thus contributes to 60 per cent energy saving.

High yarn tenacity and excellent quality

Yarn strength is crucial in determining the quality of the final spinning product. Thanks to 3D technology, COMPACTapron transports fibres in the condensing zone over the suction slot in a distinctive distance to the mesh apron so that all fibres are entirely compacted. The distance between the nip lines of COMPACTapron is shorter than the shortest fibre so that fibres are smartly guided through the compacting zone, thus achieving better yarn strengths compared to competitors. The overall result is an additional 0.5 to 1 cN/tex, a yarn tenacity unmatched in the market.


The improved raw material yield gives spinners more options to optimize cost so they can choose between twist reduction to enhance productivity, adjusting the raw material mix, or obtaining a higher selling price in downstream processes.

With less energy requirement, less maintenance and fewer spare parts, COMPACTapron not only boosts yarn tenacity, it gives spinning mills a real competitive edge.

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