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Qualiscan QMS-12 Online Quality Controller

Dec 01, 2014
Qualiscan QMS-12 Online Quality Controller

Qualiscan QMS-12 is the name of the quality control system from Mahlo GmbH in Saal/Donau.

For many many years now online monitoring and control appliances have been used in an effort to improve standards and ensure top-quality products in the textile, nonwoven, paper and coating industries. As a result of the global build-up of cost-related pressures and demands for even more exacting standards of quality, such systems are indispensable for a variety of manufacturing processes.

Demands for quality and technology are constantly on the increase. The development too of control systems has made good progress in recent years. With them, very positive effects can be achieved in manufacturing, effects such as:

  • far fewer product inconsistencies
  • reduced consumption of raw materials
  • avoidance of rejects and seconds
  • more efficient utilisation of machinery
  • shorter setting-up times on product changeovers

Qualiscan QMS-12 is the name of the quality control system from Mahlo GmbH in Saal/Donau. Its modular assembly comprises various types of sensor (modules) and scanning frames with one or more computers as a basis. In traversing mode, it measures the requisite parameters across the full width of the online product, and in doing so issues a permanent record of the measured parameter´s cross-sheet profile. For each parameter an appropriate control algorithm is available for control of a suitable servo-actuator. Owing to its modular construction the system can be very easily extended. A Qualiscan QMS-12 offers monitoring options to satisfy every conceivable requirement.

Measurement of g/m²weight
Monitors the weight per unit area (square weight) of online products with Gravimat DFI and Gravimat FMX sensors.

Measurement and control of g/m²weight is of particular importance in the manufacture of materials in continuous webs or sheets, e.g., nonwovens, paper, film, etc and on coating processes of all kinds. On coating ranges measurements are usually taken directly ahead of and behind the coating head so that the exact amount of coating can be determined by the difference between the two measurements. In this case the coating mechanism can be controlled directly by the Qualiscan system. Owing to the reduction in the amount of coating applied, the potential savings here are quite considerable.

Microwave-resonance measurement (Aqualot HMF sensor)
Universal method of measurement of both low and high percentages of moisture retention. Exceedingly accurate. Since the waves pass through the product, unevenly distributed moisture is detected without difficulty. This is particularly advantageous in the case of thick materials.

Infrared-reflex measurement (Infralot IMF sensor)
Measurement of low-percentage moisture retention in thin materials such as lightweight fibrous webs or paper. It is used occasionally to measure indirectly the weight of coating applied to a product by monitoring the moisture content in the coating mass.

Thickness measurement (Calipro DML sensor)
Substrate thickness is measured by a non-contact laser-reflex monitor. This system offers the option of either single-sided (against a counter roller) or non-contact double-sided measurement. The monitoring system is designed individually in accordance with the requisite measuring range and desired accuracy.

A single sensor or any combination of those available can be accommodated in the traverse assembly. Various types of scanner assembly can be supplied to meet the particular requirement, product width and method of measurement. A Qualiscan QMS-12 can handle a combination of up to 6 traverse frames on a single production line. When more than one frame is used the scanners are sy