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New air-jet technology for the label market

Dec 01, 2014
New air-jet technology for the label market

Jakob Mnller AG´s MÜJET® MBJL6 1/1380 is ideally suited for top production performance and offers proven Mnller quality.

At ITMA Asia, which took place in Shanghai from 16-20 June 2014, Jakob Mnller AG introduced its new MÜJET® MBJL6 air-jet label weaving machine. With a speed of 950 min-1 and a working width of 1,200 mm, the MBJL6 facilitates the efficient production of labels, images and technical narrow fabrics with cut selvedges. The machine presented at the fair was for taffeta qualities with 54.6 warp threads per cm. The robust and compact design of the MÜJET® MBJL6 1/1380 is ideally suited for top production performance and offers proven Mnller quality. Its simple, clear design allows easy access to all the important machine components and control elements. Moreover, the MÜJET® MBJL6 represents the systematic further development of the MBJL machine series and also employs tried-and-tested elements from the MÜJET® MBJ6 rapier loom.

Functional components for top weaving quality
In comparison with its predecessor model, the working width of the MÜJET® MBJL6 has been increased to 1,200 mm. Furthermore, a significantly higher production capacity has been achieved thanks to a reed width of 1,380 mm and a speed of 950 min-1.

Shedding takes place using an electronically controlled SPE3 1536 jacquard machine with patented bottom shed read-in. The jacquard machine is mounted directly on top of the basic machine, reducing the space required to a minimum. Additional advantages include a machine height of 3.65 m and its low weight. The new air-jet weaving machine can manufacture more labels per hour in a production area of only 2.05 m by 4.25 m and a reduced building volume.

High cost efficiency
Straightforward machine programming, great label production flexibility, short resetting times and minimum maintenance requirements guarantee high cost efficiency. The careful handling of the warp and weft material during production allows for top speeds and optimum efficiency. The MBJL6 is outfitted with MÜCAN controls and various production conditions can be easily entered using a MÜDATA C-series touch screen. Furthermore, the machine speed can be quickly and easily adjusted for every pick with the VARISPEED system.

The warp is provided on a warp beam with a maximum diameter of 800 mm. A controlled warp let-off system with a servomotor ensures quick and simple setting of warp thread tension.

Weft insertion
Weft insertion on the MÜJET® MBJL6 takes place using standard main, acceleration and relay nozzles. The main nozzle is designed for the insertion of eight weft threads (Image 4). To remove threads from the weft bobbins, Jakob Mnller AG recommends the ROJ Super Elf G2 weft thread storage system with layer separation and integrated thread monitoring. The arrangement of the weft colours can be adjusted using the ¨replacement and change¨ function. Apart from the individual regulation of air pressure, the retention air can be switched on and off separately, which provides a significant reduction in air consumption. Optimising the relay nozzle positioning has also resulted in a further improvement to the overall weft insertion system. The compressed air system now consists of two air circulation loops, which can be used to individually adjust the left- and right-hand sections of the relay nozzles. This ensures stable and gentle weft insertion even at a machine speed of 950 min-1. Air consumption is around 60 m3/h to 75 m3/h (four to eight colours) and the installed air volume totals 80 m3/h. The machine requires feed pressure of 800 kPa (8 bar). The number of weft threads per centimetre can be quickly and easily adjusted via a torque motor using the VARIPICK system. This electronically controlled fabric take-off allows the number of weft threads within a repe