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Knit with Groz-Beckert needles & save energy

Jun 01, 2014
Knit with Groz-Beckert needles & save energy

Groz-Beckert exhibited its latest product innovations and service highlights recently at the 12th edition of Indonesia International Textile and Garment Machinery & Accessories Exhibition (INDO inter TEX) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the field of knitting focus is placed on the circular knitting needles litespeed® and Vo-LC™. The litespeed® needle for high-performance circular knitting machines allows enormous energy savings and a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions - due to the optimised needle shank geometry and the reduced weight. Furthermore these needles optimise lubrication behavior and reduce oil consumption.The partially reduced needle shank thickness enables improved needle oil distribution, which, for example, leads to reduced friction in the needle trick and less energy required to move the needle.


The new needle generation Vo-LC™ combines many years of experience and numerous patented details. It is available for body seamless machines and large diameter circular knitting machines in finest gauges. The predicate of the Vo-LC™ needle, "perfection in precision", has good reasons: To create a loop structure that is absolutely even, tight tolerances are essential in the needle production - tolerances narrower than the diameter of a human hair. The result is the most precise knitting machine needle available on the market.

Consistent quality throughout the entire knitting process requires the functions of all the parts of the entire system, the system parts, perfectly combined.

Development and optimisation take place in close cooperation with machine builders. This is the only way of achieving complex loop forming sequences with a great variety of different functional characteristics. Groz-Beckert provides the following system parts: selection parts, transfer parts, joint parts, needle jacks, holding-down sinkers and knock-over sinkers.As a further highlight Groz-Beckert shows the warp-tying machine KnotMaster for weaving customers. This modular system sets new standards in service and maintenance friendliness. All components can be dismantled within just a few minutes and individual parts can be exchanged quickly and easily. Despite the numerous functions - such as four tying methods, single and double knots, short knot ends, or the yarn break detector - handling of the machine is especially simple due to its modern touch-screen control.


Todays dynamic markets demand more than "just" outstanding product quality and are constantly presenting new challenges. For the sewing industry the answer to this is SEWING5, the new service concept. It stands for the five S (Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority, Sustainability), which collectively refer to Groz-Beckerts consistent customer focus. "Sustainability" plays an important role at Groz-Beckert.