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High speed warping machine from Darshana

Mar 01, 2016
High speed warping machine from Darshana

Located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Darshana Trading Company is a supplier and trader of rapier looms, air jet looms and water jet looms.

This type of high-speed strip warping machine is suitable for strip warping on chemical fibre filament, cotton and kapok wool fabric blending. The weaving is prepared with domestically-produced sword pole, middlegrade no arris loom, spraying of water loom, spraying of jet loom and piece arris loom.


Motion of swift of mainframe, fixation of pony roll frame and inverse axis installment, invariability of angle of friction when the yarn halves twists, equality of tensity.

Willful establishment of frequency conversion velocity modulation and warping speed

Permanent line fast coiling of inverse axis

Electron counts (length and metre), automatically decides length and quantity

Steel swift after high accuracy transient equilibrium verification

Barometric pressure controls loom beam, easy of operation

Inside brake of warping, steel inverse axis with brake

Having many kinds of forms pony roll frame, the distance and the number of spindles may design according to use’s request

Having the infrared automatic stop arrangement and many kinds of forms sigle gauze tensity equipment.

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