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Bharat beaming!

Jul 01, 2014
Bharat beaming!

Textiles have come a long way since their inception. Bharat Beams has been manufacturing quality warper beams and weaver beams since long. The company exists to serve wide-ranging customer needs with highest operational capability and talented team. Our commitment to execute research and test-based development made us a leader in our field. Our dedicated team creates and improves product for varied needs of textile industry.

Bharat Beams has a state-of-the-art aluminum foundry for casting of aluminum flanges, including integrated manufacturing facility with high precision machinery, full fledged inspection department with latest digital measuring instruments, computerised dynamic balancing machines, and in-house facility.

Warper beams
We offer dynamically balanced warper beams of flange diameter up to 1600 mm and warping width up to 2800 mm suitable for Benninger, Karl Mayer, Hacoba, Ramallumin, Prashant West - Point, Jupiter, Amritlakshmi and other high speed warping machines suitable for spun and filament yarn. All warper beams are assembled and dynamically balanced as per ISO/DN norms. Each beam passes through rigorous inspection process to ascertain highest quality standard.

Weaver beams
Weaver Beamsfor Picanol, Toyota, Tsudakoma, Sulzer, Dornier, Somet and other types of Airjet, Rapier and projectile weaving machines in single section and double section construction with or without differential motions up to 1,250 mm flange diametre and 540 cms working width.

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