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A9500p & A9500e: Efficient airjet looms

Aug 01, 2014
A9500p & A9500e: Efficient airjet looms

Itema SpA launched a new airjet portfolio at ITMA ASIA+CITME 2014. Based on the already successful original, the A9500, Itema launched two new airjet models designed for maximum performance: the A9500e, a sturdy and efficient machine offering the best value for money, and the A9500p, the most innovative airjet machine offering the highest operating speed on the market. Whether it is usability, value, versatility or top performance and speed, customers can now choose the airjet weaving machine best suited to their needs.

A9500p - the ´fastest loom in the playground´:The new Itema A9500p is, no doubt, the race horse in the Itema airjet portfolio. Born to run fast, A9500p comes fully loaded with Itema´s premium advanced features and sets a new benchmark for speed in weaving mills. Not only will the A9500p set the weavers apart from competitors by providing the edge with faster high-tech weaving mill operation, it will also help save money by significantly reducing costs due to a combination of features specially designed to give Customers the most value. The overall saving comes from a combination of features, including iREED, the new reed tunnel shape, and, at the same time, greatly reduces the need for maintenance of airjet weaving machines.

The A9500p is equipped with Real Time Control (RTC), the patented system to reduce the air consumption optimizing the blowing and the digital Air Consumption Metering that gives real-time access to air consumption data. Other premium features include automatic nozzle tank pressure setting on the console, and, last, but not least, the Itema Productivity Optimization System (iPOS) - the patented software to increase the productivity of the machine and weaving more fabric. Warp stop marks can now be relegated to the past with two new and innovative solutions from Itema loaded onto the A9500p. The newly redesigned, highly sensitive whip roller ensures top speed performance of the loom, whilst reducing warp stops and improving the warp tension control. Furthermore, the brand new and easy-to-set function Dynamic Fabric Fell Control (DFFC) of fabric shaking helps eliminate the problem of stop marks altogether.

A9500e - the best of efficiency, effectiveness and ease to operate: A sturdy and practical narrow machine designed especially for 2 colours weaving offering the best value for money combined with the perfect technical features and the highest speed in the commodity fabric market. Lean and agile, the A9500e airjet gets top marks for user-friendliness and reduced downtime. The loom´s usability is further assured by the expert combination of exclusive Itema features, such as the toy beam mounting (TBM) and the mechanical Rotary Leno Device. The new pneumatic control for 2 colour weaving is based on Itema PPC technology launched with success with A9500; the high capacity tank and the pressure control with sensor for each weft insertion channel in combination with full electronic control of the main nozzles assure reliable and effective weft insertion. In addition, the new single hole relay nozzle assures both a perfectly controlled airflow and low maintenance. The easy access to the machine is assured by features such no upper bar and no front cover: the loading of the machine has never been so easy. Other Itema innovations embedded on the A9500e are a new and improved whip roller with double rotating rollers that reduces the warp stops and the stops marks and a brand-new lubrication system.

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