We will be demonstrating versatility of our ring spinning machine

We will be demonstrating versatility of our ring spinning machine

Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery (KTTM) are OEM for Ring spinning machine. First joint venture of Toyota Industries Corporation in India incorporated during 1995 with the vision of offering technologically superior ring frames to Spinning Mills in India. Ananda Kumar B G D, AGM Sales and Service, Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery, discusses the products and services that the business offers. Additionally, he spoke about the company’s products that will be showcased at ITME 2022.

Kindly brief us about your company.

We are producing Toyota Ring Spinning machine RX 300 that is supplied across the world. 70% of our production is exported and 30% will be supplied to market in India.

Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery (KTTM) is very significant to TICO group as it is first company to be set up in India and only manufacturing facility to produce Ring spinning machines. 

How was the performance of the company in FY22 and FY23 (so far)?

FY2021-22 was very goodfor us. We exceeded Pre Covid level sales to set up a new benchmark. And even the first Half of FY 2022-23 was also very good. We expect to end the FY 2022-23 on good note.. We do foresee some challenges as inconsistent Cotton & Yarn price, delayed delivery of Pre-process and post process machines.

What are the factors contributing to your growth?

Post covid, hugepressure from retail segment to replenish the stocks in stores resulted in the increased demandin textile industry and this has encouraged many spinners to take up the long pending investments. Most of the corporate companies also speeded up their planned investments resulting growth for all the players in this space.

What are the advantages offered by your company and its products?

We aim to offer Reliable &high-performance product, ensuring cost of owning it should be less in the course of time.  We try to keep it simple and try to deliver what we promise

What are emerging trends in the industry?

Industry is experiencing varying demand (change in count, change in raw material in short intervals) making people to look for flexibility in their manufacturing with limited set up change.

Scarcity of skilled labor is going to be one more future challenge. Now spinning mills are preferring high end machines with more automation. Machine should be able to spin different type/count with just change of parameters on control panel. We are trying to offer what market wants

Sustainability and digitalisation (automation/modernization) seem to be the two key trends in the industry. How is your company preparing to tap these 2 trends?

We too are working towards possible automation with sustainability in our machine. The main focus will be towards reducing the dependency on skilled labour and also achieve higher productivity

What will be the highlight of your stall at India ITME 2022? What will be your focus at the trade fair?

We will be demonstrating versatility of our ring spinning machine and also some developments on weaving machines towards Industry 4.0

Any new product/solutions you will be launching/introducing at India ITME 2022? If yes, please elaborate

We are unveiling some of the new things. We welcome all the visitors to our stall to in ITME-2022

What kind of new opportunities are you looking to tap in the market?

We would like to embrace all the opportunities that come our way. We will be careful that we don’t end up over committing. We try to deliver what we promise.

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