We are expanding in yarn, towels and bed linen business in FY23

We are expanding in yarn, towels and bed linen business in FY23


Trident is headquartered in Ludhiana Punjab. Established in the year 1990 the company has evolved as a global textile. Trident is a leading manufacturer of yarn, bath linen, bed linen, wheat straw-based paper chemicals and captive power. The Company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Barnala (Punjab) and Budni (Madhya Pradesh). Kamal Gaba, Managing Director-Sheeting, Trident, outlines why his company is a market leader in home textiles and what his company’s future objectives are.

How was your company’s performance in FY21-22?

The overall performance of the company in the last financial year has been good with INR 69,415 million in revenue in Textile Business and INR 9804 million in Paper and chemicals businesses.

Our net revenue in FY22 for Textiles increased by 53% y-o-y for Textiles and 39% y-o-y growth recorded in paper and chemicals businesses.

How is the textile market at present (in India as well as globally)?

The home textile market is a bit slow, both domestically and internationally owing to various macro-economic situations globally.

What are your plans to grow your business further in 2023?

We are expanding in yarn, towels and bed linen business in FY23 and would be looking to acquire more market share in yarn, bed linen, top of bed and fashion towels, both in India and internationally.

What would you say at winning the award at Texprocil?

a. As a Group Company ( Gold Trophy for the Highest Global Exports)– It always feels great to get recognised and this gives us motivation to do better. It’s our promise to contribute into the constant journey of growth of Indian textiles by working relentlessly. We truly believe in Make in India and are committed to achieving greater heights for the country.

b. As an Individual Company (Gold Trophy for the Highest Employment Generation)-  It’s our love for people and our commitment to provide skill and employment to more and more people of the country by continuously expanding. We are committed to focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion and we’re continuously working on this aspect.

Outlook for 2023

We are optimistic about the growth of home textile business in FY23, we feel we are very well positioned in terms of strengthening our current business relations and acquiring more customers globally due to our strong market positioning, sustainable and responsible manufacturing, world class infrastructure and innovative products.

Our focus on people and the planet is well known globally and we get a lot of admiration from our customers for the same. The inherent strength of Trident group is based on trust and transparency with our business partners, and love and care for our employees and society at large.