We are excited about our new ring traveler series

We are excited about our new ring traveler series

A.B. Carter is universally recognised as a superior supplier of spinning solutions for the fibre and yarn manufacturing sectors of the textile industry. Core products include steel and nylon travelers, rings, bobbins, tapes and belts, air splicing and knotting equipment, laboratory testing equipment, and stainless steel belts, counterbands, pressure rolls and other accessories for the carpet industry. Diverse, global solutions combined with our reputation for exceptional quality and service, positions A. B. Carter as the spinning industry’s “go-to” team of experts. In this interview, Rakesh Rao discusses the company’s journey and future plan with Sandeep Shetty, Managing Director, A.B. Carter India.

For the last 100 years, A. B. Carter has been serving the spinning industry. How has A. B. Carter evolved over the years?

A.B. Carter, Inc. was founded in 1922 by the late Arthur Bynum Carter in Gastonia, North Carolina. Carter Traveler Company soon began to supply high quality ring travelers in the USA market and grew into global markets.  As business expanded, Carter Traveler Company took the vast knowledge in ring travelers and began selling and manufacturing rings for yarn spinning applications.  Nearly 60 years ago, the Company began manufacturing nylon travelers.  In 2006 A. B. Carter Inc formed a Joint Venture with the BSR Group of companies and set up a state of art facility for manufacturing Rings & Ring Travellers in Bangalore. AB Carter India in the last 16 years has grown into a preferred supplier of Rings & Ring Travellers. AB. Carter India Plant II was set up in 2017 for Ring expansion. AB Carter India has also set up an Engineering Division to cater to Textiles & Exports for high precision Engineering Products in 2021.  A. B. Carter believes that our customers are our partners and we should always go above and beyond to serve them.

How has been the journey of the company in India? (in terms when it was established, manufacturing facility, products offered, spinning segments served, sales, etc)

A.B. CARTER would be very soon launching:

Our new range of Rings for the High-Speed segment before the end of this year, in Multi-Fibre Applications.

GS Series Ring Travellers to be launched that would contribute for higher productivity and consistent quality standards with extended Traveller Life.

Miracle Ring Travellers to be launched and proven solution for Synthetic Applications.

How is the demand for various spinning solutions offered by A. B. Carter? Are you seeing high-demand for some of your products & solutions?

Our global demand has been positive and growing.  Our customers are not only working with our ring and ring travelers, but asking for technical assistance in the ring spinning process.  Spinning mills today must be flexible and move quickly as global market demands shift and expand.  Our technical engineers have many years of experience to help optimise the spinning process along with our ring and ring travelers in all types of applications.  We value this relationship as we work to help make our customers successful. 

What are the USPs of A. B. Carter’s products & solutions?

Our key technology differentiator being A.B. CARTER has its own vertical integrated wire supplying unit, which gives us a technological edge, over the competition in terms of metallurgy & ultimately translating to superior performance

As such, A.B. CARTER has 100 Years of Legacy, Apparently Rings & Travellers being a “niche” product, A.B. CARTER has the renowned expertise in offering a one-stop solution to the end-user. “Your demands, are our solutions” has always been our endeavour!

We have a global presence all over the world.

Our Research & Development and Engineering teams have worked diligently as the demands of the spinning mills are increasing.  We are excited about our new ring traveler series as we are seeing excellent improvements in traveler life and yarn quality parameters. Also, we have new developments introduced with our rings and we are obtaining optimal results when paired with our new ring traveler series.  These innovations are paramount as we partner with our customers to optimize the spinning process.

What are the key challenges faced by the spinning industry today? How is your company helping them overcome some of these challenges?

The Indian spinning mills today compete in a global market.  Spinning optimization is critical to mill profitability.   Our partnerships with our customers are valuable as these contacts help propel our innovation to improve to the next level.  Our commitment to continual innovation began 100 years ago with Mr. Carter’s drive and passion.   We look forward to continuing our next chapter as we move forward in the ever-changing spinning industry.

What are emerging trends in the spinning products and technologies industry today?

A.B. CARTER offers the wide range of Ring Traveller Profiles, probably the largest variables from any of the world’s Rings & Ring Travellers manufacturers more than 2000 Ring Traveller profiles to be precise!

We are O.E.M. suppliers to KTTM and have supplied 2 million Rings to them!

What are your growth plans for A.B. Carter India?

A.B. CARTER has been in the Indian Market for over 16 Years and we have a large share in the “A” Class mills in the Indian Market!

A.B. CARTER globally has offices in 5 countries and agents in 44 countries.

We have a large network of Channel Partners & highly experienced Textile engineers to address the spinners requirement!

A.B. CARTER will continue to innovate, establish technology for improving yarn quality & productivity to be abreast of the growing spinners requirement!

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