Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling: An investment that delivers returns beyond cooling

Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling: An investment that delivers returns beyond cooling

LSV is a unique combination of air cooling and ventilation and an ideal solution for industrial spaces facing such challenges.

The global pandemic was by far one of the biggest challenges that most businesses had to tackle, and it has changed working practices across the world in a lot of ways. The brands had to evolve themselves to keep in sync with the changing dynamics. In the past few years, the world has also been witnessing the side effects of global warming. With temperatures soaring high year on year, the importance of a conducive work environment has become non-negotiable. Symphony’s Large Space Venti-Cooling (LSV), a unique combination of air cooling and ventilation, is an ideal solution for industrial spaces facing such challenges.

In textile and garment industry, labour shortage, and labour turnover are common problems. A study by the Garment Sector Roundtable (GSR)* suggests that more than half of the workers sometimes or often think about leaving their factory or the garment industry altogether. The most common reason is unsatisfactory wages, followed by high production targets and the most important one being poor working conditions. Poor working conditions not only impact physical health but also mental health. Similarly, WHO as well recommends an increased ventilation rate through natural or mechanical means, preferably without recirculation of the air. A well-ventilated workplace experiences a reduction in airborne pollutants, including viruses, thus making it healthy and more productive. As the air conditioners do not permit cross ventilation, the air coolers are an ideal choice, providing 100% fresh filtered, and cool air. As per a study conducted by IIM-Ahmedabad^, an air-cooled workplace leads to about 12% increase in productivity in the worker productivity, making it conducive for workers to function healthily. Through their products and innovation, Symphony aims to address the productivity and health issues faced by industrial workers and companies due to inadequate ventilation. Moreover, in textile factories, a certain level of humidity in the indoor air is required to be maintained, which further corroborates the efficacy of air cooling in this segment.

Dipankar Dutta, Business Head – LSV, Symphony Ltd,says, “Symphony Ltd has always had a consumer-first approach and we take immense pride in being global leader in air cooling category. With Symphony Large Space Venti-Cooling, we aim to take a step further in improving work productivity, safeguarding the health of our workers, and in turn help businesses achieve better worker productivity and satisfaction levels. We are certain that our latest offering will be beneficial for the workers as well as the textile industry and it will help the country to become a global business hub. We are extremely optimistic about this and shall consistently innovate with every new product in future as well”

Since inception, Symphony has completed more than a million installations across various industries, with Apollo International, Welspun, Trident, Tanya Impex, Sahu Exports being some of the notable names in the textile and garment industry. Tarun, Apollo International, shares his experience“We are glad to have partnered with Symphony Ltd. Both brands share similar ethos and values, and this helps us get closer to our aim of providing the best work environment for our workers. Post the installation, we have witnessed an increase in efficiency and productivity of our employees and have received encouraging feedback from them.”

Symphony’s Venti-Cooling solutions are currently available in four capacity configurations, with air delivery ranging from 8000 CMH to 25000 CMH. These are modular units suitable for any area, with a single unit capable of cooling an area up to 2500 sq ft. These multi-way installable units are weather resistant and have beenconstructed with UV engineered plastic bodies. The company also offers a range of accessories that make the installation process very simple and hassle-free. All these products come with an assurance of robust after-sales service and a lifetime warranty on the product body. Further, Symphony Venti-Cooling solutions consume about 80-90% less electricity compared to any air-conditioning solution of a similar capacity, making it an eco-friendly option for cooling large spaces.

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