Van de Wiele’s revolution in carpet weaving

Van de Wiele’s revolution in carpet weaving

The new RCE2+ rug and carpet expert weaving machine is a truly digital workhorse, with all yarns continuously controlled and measured and the difficult bobbin changes of the past completely eliminated.

The new RCE2+ rug and carpet expert weaving machine is a truly digital workhorse, with all yarns continuously controlled and measured and the difficult bobbin changes of the past completely eliminated. This is a result of Van de Wiele’s latest Fast Creel, with individual tension control by torque motors on each pile yarn. The pile yarns are now fed directly into the machine without having to pass pile-stop motions, to both increase efficiency and eliminate any waste yarns, while achieving previously unreachable industrial speeds.

“Van de Wiele produces all types of carpet weaving, electronic jacquard for terry towel. We are a development house and are leader in this,” said Guido Seynhaeve, Area Sales Manager, Michel Van de Wiele nv. “This is because, we are constantly upgrading our products, and we are modifying our machines to make it faster, easier, and more options for designers.”

He added, “For carpets itself, we have all types of variations. I have been working with Van de Wiele for more than 32 years, and I’ve seen all the changes in the carpet weaving industry. We offer entrepreneurs the products that can buy from us and market it.”

Speaking on the Indian market for Van de Wiele, Seynhaeve said, “In the last 10-15 years, Indian customers have also started to buy a lot of European machines. We have big companies in our clientele list, including D’Decor, GM Fabrics, to name a few. These leaders have installed our machines. They have a big number of electronic jacquard too.”

TEXconnect further provides readily-available data on all yarn consumption, tension and threading, and then will supply the predictive maintenance that is paving the way to self-learning carpet weaving machines.

The company also displayed the INCA (interlacing by non-continuous air) system for BCF extrusion systems – a new method for intermingling BCF yarns which greatly improves tangle knot uniformity for significant cost savings.

The new VSi32 Velvet Smart Innovator jacquard, in combination with the latest Smart Creel, for the production of Italian velvet – combining the potential of flat woven jacquard fabrics with pile yarns leading to the potential for the creation of whole new range of fabrics for the home and for fashion, will also be a part of the show. Van de Wiele presented the latest Superba MCD/3 space-dyeing machine, which is capable of handling a layer of 72 ends with an unequalled range of spot length, especially for ultra-short spots of below 25 mm.

The Vandewiele Cobble Colortec L+, which is now the most versatile tufting machine available on the market, was presented at ITMA 2019, along with a range of jacquards from Vandewiele Bonas, demonstrated across ITMA 2019 above flat weaving machines from the industry leaders, as well as Vandewiele’s own RCE2+.

Added Seynhaeve, “Our products are for the niche segment. We have a big number of carpet/velvet weavers as compared to the normal textile companies. We are a well known reputed company. No one will buy a velvet/carpet weaving machine without contacting us.”

On challenges faced the industry, Seynhaeve had this to say: “Our machines are not just mechanical machines. We have a lot of data in our machines, which can be used. This data is creating all the opportunities.”

The company also displayed the completely revised Titan 5540 carpet finishing machine from Vandewiele Titan, which is now able to accommodate carpets with straight, round and complexly-shaped corners simultaneously, along with the Vandewiele Arraycam 5420 optical inspection system which is suitable for monitoring standard fabrics on all common tricot warp knitting machines and the latest IRO-ROJ weft insertion technologies.

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