<strong>Uster showcases “quality” solutions at ITME 2022</strong>

Uster showcases “quality” solutions at ITME 2022

Uster Technologies – the global leader in textile testing and quality control – presented its total quality solutions from fibre to fabric at the trade fair.

Swiss firm Uster Technologies – the global leader in textile testing and quality control – presented its total quality solutions from fiber to fabric at the trade fair. “Uster is well established in India. Most of our products at ITME have been in the market, but we are showcasing them for the first time at a big trade show. All the products presented here were borne out of innovations in the last 2-3 years,” said Sivakumar Narayanan, Executive Vice President – Marketing & Business Development, Uster Technologies AG.

On display was Uster Quantum 4.0, which combines capacitive and optical yarn clearing for offering full flexibility for various yarns and changing conditions. “One of the highlights at ITME is Quantum 4.0 connected to RSO 3D, which provides a unique preventive system in quality control for textile mills. We call it ‘quality automation’. You can control variation to minimum level and have high-quality yarn consistently. On fabric side, we have introduced Q-Bar 2 for inspecting quality on the loom. If anything goes wrong, it reacts by either alarming or stopping the loom even before the defect can happen. Goal is to reduce defect in the fabric to the minimum,” he stated.

According to him, response to Uster products in India has been phenomenal and the company had to increase production to fulfill the growing demand.

Indian Government’s intention to increase the country’s share in the global textile trade presents big opportunity for Uster as textile makers will make investments in quality to gain market share. Sivakumar Narayanan elaborated, “Government is taking cohesive efforts to bring together all the major stake holders and discuss issues affecting the growth of the textile industry to find solutions. We expect the steps taken by the government will make this industry one of the major drivers of Make in India initiative. As industry diversifies and grows, it provides more growth opportunity for Uster. We play a big role in scaling up production and quality, which are very critical to increase exports. Uster provides the quality standards for the industry. As the industry grows, they will need more and more solutions from us.”

Speaking about the industry outlook, he said, “There will be up and downs, but demand for textiles never dies, it only keeps growing. We expect the market to boom in another 4-5 months.”

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