<strong>Underjeans by Spykar launches #LoveThatBonds campaign for Valentine’s Day</strong>

Underjeans by Spykar launches #LoveThatBonds campaign for Valentine’s Day

The campaign showcases a role reversal of a different kind.

Underjeans by Spykar launched #LoveThatBonds a cheeky and fun digital-first video campaign on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It is a fun, cheeky and light-hearted take on how women can also make their partners feel desired on Valentine’s Day. The campaign showcases a role reversal of a different kind.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and couples are looking for the best way to express their love and fondness for each other, and it’s often shown through gifts. For years, it is usually the males gifting sensual lingerie to females. However, this year Underjeans wanted to change this and encourage females to give their male partners innerwear to make them feel special and sexy.

The video starts with a woman who is struggling to reach the top shelves of the kitchen cabinet where she asks her partner to help her in cleaning and lifting heavy bags to be placed on higher shelves. At a later point he sees her easily lifting the same bag she asked him to helped with. He is confused as to why she asked him to help her if she could easily do it herself. She reminds him on how she gifted him Underjeans by Spykar’s bonded collection on Valentine’s Day and every time he would stretch to help with the chores, she would enjoy the view!

The bonded underwear by Underjeans, is made out of Modal which is a soft breathable fabric that is stylish yet easy on the skin. The hemline and the waistband is bonded not stitched thus does not dig into skin, thereby making it feel like a second skin to the wearer.

Explaining the thought behind the concept, Sanjay Vakharia, CEO, Spykar said, “It’s a cute, intimate moment between a couple which is a small step to keep the spark alive. The gesture from the woman is shown to hopefully help break some pre-conceived notions about expressing desire. Women can show their appreciation towards their partners through sexy gifts too!  Bonded collection by Underjeans being a combination of style and comfort makes it a perfect fit for this campaign.”

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