Turkish Delight for 1,200 exhibitors at ITM 2016

Turkish Delight for 1,200 exhibitors at ITM 2016

In 12 halls covering a total area of 120,000 m2 at the TUYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey, over 1,200 exhibitors of ITM 2016 showcased their machines, components and parts from June 1 to 4, 2016 to one of the world´s biggest textile market, Turkey.

In 12 halls covering a total area of 120,000 m2 at the TUYAP Fair, Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey, over 1,200 exhibitors of ITM 2016 showcased their machines, components and parts from June 1 to 4, 2016 to one of the world´s biggest textile market, Turkey. The exhibitors from about 70 countries attracted over 40,000 visitors from Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Necip Güney, Chairman, Teknik Fair Inc, said: ´20 years ago when we set forth, we wished our experience and knowhow of many years to spring into life within the industry. We created ITM Fairs joining hands with TUYAP FUARCILIK to give birth to a media able to globally promote R&D efforts and innovations and to enable worldwide manufacturers are introduced into the Turkish market.´

´With each years´s edition, ITM Fairs grew further to become one of the world´s greatest organisations in its class. ITM 2016, the third largest textile machinery exhibition at this juncture where we stand today lies before us as the picture of our pride and joy for 20 years. TEKNIK FUARCILIK has also turned out to be a great success story with HIGHTEX 2016, the first and only international organisation in the region, and international sector-oriented publications. We take justified pride that ITM 2016 is the largest-scale ITM Fair among all the previous editions in terms of square-meters and the number of exhibitors. Since the last edition of ITM in 2013, we have carried out various promotional activities as part of the preparation process for ITM 2016.´

Visitors were from countries such as Vietnam, Ghana, Canada, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Macedonia, Serbia, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. As for Turkey, chambers, associations from central cities of textile such as Usak, Denizli, Kayseri, Adiyaman, Nigde, Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep visited ITM 2016.

HIGHTEX 2016, the 6th International Technical Textile and Nonwoven Trade Fair, was held simultaneously with ITM 2016. At HIGHTEX 2016 exhibition, the first and only event in its field, raw materials for technical textiles, intermediary and final products and production technologies were seen together. The fact that HIGHTEX 2016 exhibition, the largest gathering for technical textiles in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, was concurrently held with ITM 2016 exhibition, created a highly positive and efficient synergy.

Adil Nalpant, Chairman, TEMSAD (Textile Machinery & Accessory Industrialist Association), said: ´The success displayed and high figures achieved by our exporters after ITMA in 2015 are maintained in 2016 as well. Last year we raised our export value from $387 million to $424 million. An increase of 20 per cent was experienced in the first four months of 2016. On the other hand, Turkey is the world´s third greatest purchaser in the textile machinery industry. That is the say, we are one of the largest importers. We need to turn this into an advantage. With the awareness that our country is one of the most important markets, we need to revive production. Since the machinery industry holds the most strategic position, we should make the best of it.´

India fielded 31 exhibitors, apart from the conspicuous presence of associations including ITAMMA and the India-ITME Society. All the Indian companies have their own agents in Turkey, and a few Indian companies sharing a common agent is not uncommon. The first two days were a bit dull, but the pace picked up in the next two days. A few companies like Sabar had already sold the exhibited machines on the very first day itself to Turkish companies. Many also confirmed that there were unusual crowds from some East European companies and also the Middle East including Iran.

´Many Indian exhibitors received lukewarm response, but still defended the dull sentiments as the result of the global meltdown phase and China´s crisis. Tamil Nadu-based Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) has a very well established market, and some of our new machines launched recently during the last ITMA Milano have received very good response not only from Turkey but also from Egypt and Iran,´said C Arunachalam, Sr Sales Manager ´ Sales (Global), LMW.

Mag Solvics, Coimbatore sold some instruments a few years back, but then it started taking the Turkey market seriously for its high-valued instruments like automatic testers. ´Mag Solvics has tied up with a company called Muteks in Turkey from 2014 onwards. So far we have done a few projects. Our agent is also quite happy selling our machines in this market,´ said Dhandayuthapani (CD), Director of Mag Solvics, who was at his booth with two senior engineers from R&D and sales. ´Single yarn strength testers, fully automatic evenness and fibre testers are having a very good demand in Turkey. Apart from Turkey, our products have a good demand from Iran, Vietnam, Bangladesh. We have recently tied up with some Egyptian companies and have already shipped some instruments,´ said Dhandayuthapani.

International giants had a field day during the 4-day event. LMW´s stall was crowded and the company has a Turkish agent and has been in the market very active since many years. ITM 2016 marked the sales launch of Mayer & Cie.´s Spinit 3.0 E in Turkey. The Spinit 3.0 E combines the spinning, cleaning and knitting processes in one machine. It is the first machine type to be equipped with Mayer & Cie´s Spinit systems technology. collections for the Turkish market. Offering home textiles, apparel lace, sizing and a comprehensive service, Karl Mayer with its all-round technology and 3600 service for the Turkish Market. Karl Mayer focused on applications for home textiles, especially upholstery fabrics and net curtains, as well as lace for outerwear and intimate apparel. SPGPrints introduced the Javelin® digital inkjet textile printer. Featuring the company´s acclaimed Archer® print head technology, this multiple-pass solution combines precision geometrics with low running costs, and is ideal for medium volume requirements. The company will also exhibit its Nebula® digital inks that offer productivity and an expanded colour gamut for virtually all textile applications.

Itema, the world´s largest privately held provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, made an indelible impression at ITM 2016 with its new-design booth of 450 m2 as well as four machines of which two premier launches were in Turkey.

With their E3 label the German textile machinery manufacturer, Saurer Schlafhorst and Saurer Zinser offered their customers a guarantee of triple added value in the spheres of Energy, Economics and Ergonomics. The spinning and winding machines of the market and technology leaders that bear this label clearly increase the production and profitability of textile companies all over the world.

Marzoli presented its latest innovations for spinning technology. Among the exhibits there were: the MDS1 ring spinning frame with Marzoli original components, the Mac3000 compact system and the MRM software platform. Rieter presented new machine generations for preparation and end spinning as well as appropriate spare parts. It also showcased components for the economical manufacture of high quality yarns in addition to after sales services and demonstrated optimisation possibilities for spinning mills with the assistance of the so-called ´Internet of Things´. All three business units were showing their products and service innovations for complete systems, spinning preparation and end spinning process under their trademarks Rieter, Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen. Dr Norbert Klapper, CEO, Rieter Group, said: ´The yarn production should be highly flexible, productive and economic. This requires an optimal coordination of the machines from the fibre and the spinning preparation up to the end spinning process. Rieter has a high system competence and offers these processes and the know-how from one single source. Alongside valuable systems and convincing technology, customers also profit from a supportive partnership. On this basis, Rieter wants to help spinning mills to achieve even greater success.´

EFI´ Reggiani, which is emphasising the ´Green Factory of the Future´ for industrial textile manufacturing unveiled two advanced, eco-friendly and efficient printing technologies at the ITM exhibition. EFI Reggiani´s All-In Green Printing Process is a complete solution that provides superior printing definition, colour intensity, and dry and wet rub-fastness. All-In Green is EFI Reggiani´s latest technological development and features the new EFI Reggiani ReNOIR ONE-600 printer. The ONE-600 model offers improved print quality with new ink feeding and recovery systems, and superior imaging resolutions for efficient, high-quality décor and apparel sampling and production. Another new offering at ITM extends EFI Reggiani´s extensive ink portfolio for the textile space. New EFI Reggiani AQUA reactive ink shown at the exhibition provides a safer printing process while extending ink head life. The water-based AQUA reactive inks are designed for use with Kyocera printhead technology that provide high-end digital printing capabilities on EFI Reggiani machines. EFI Reggiani provides full technological support and a 12-month warranty on the print heads used with AQUA inks on EFI Reggiani printers. Users gain consistently high quality backed by an experienced EFI Reggiani support team offering extensive knowledge.

ITAMMA kickstarts ´Make in India´ with TEMSAD MoU
Mayank J Roy, President, ITAMMA and ND Mhatre, Director General (Tech), ITAMMA, disclosed that the global textile industry is expected to reach $2.1 trillion by 2025 and India´s textile market will grow at the rate of 12 per cent, which will be higher than any other country in the world, making India the fourth largest country in the world of global textile and apparel industry.

They said that at ITAMMA, which is the oldest and largest Association of textile engineering industry, ´we are working on a vision to make India the hub of textile accessories and machinery, and accordingly under mission plan we are taking efforts to innovate and improve the technological capability of our member-companies through implementing cluster development initiatives.´

Turkish textile and clothing industry has shifted its focus from low value-added commodities to high value added manufactured items and fashionable clothing items; where TEMSAD is playing a vital role in these achievements and accordingly both the associations have signed an MoU just after the inauguration ceremony of ITM 2016 exhibition. During the MoU signing ceremony, an Iranian delegation of about 20 members participated in the B2B interactive session organised with about 15 ITAMMA members. ITAMMA is confident that this MoU will not only bring two Associations closer but will also give opportunities to textile industries of both the countries to grow in this competitive global market in the fields of hi-tech latest and cutting edge technologies through projects like JVs and transfer of technologies for delivering state-of-the-art machines and accessories. This MoU will also create a business platform to the manufacturers, traders, dealers and suppliers of textile machines & accessories of both the countries.

More than 25 ITAMMA members participated as exhibitors with separate booths or along with their local agents. Also, under the ITAMMA Pavilion, four of our members, viz, Century Inks, Mumbai; Colorjet India, Uttar Pradesh; Excel Industrial Gears, Mumbai; and Mahalaxmi Mill Store Company, Ahmedabad participated as exhibitors and 22 members participated in ITM-2016 exhibition under the ITAMMA umbrella in the Catalogue Display Show.

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