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MAG AccuTrash bags TMMA award

Oct 01, 2016
MAG AccuTrash bags TMMA award

Coimbatore-based MAG Solvics Private Limited has received the best R&D award from the Textile Machinery Manufacturers’ Association (TMMA) for ‘AccuTrash’, Automatic Trash Separator for the year 2015-16. TMMA constitutes various awards for the textile sector like outstanding export performance, R&D awards and segment wise and special awards. This year MAG has won the Best R&D award for its product AccuTrash.


Trash in cotton has the impact right from ginning till yarn and fabric production. It decides the ginners’ quantity and quality of the output. Commercial decision in cotton procurement and yarn realisation in spinning mills is dependent on the percentage of trash present in the cotton. Optimisation of machine/process parameters in spinning preparatory, working performance of the machines, quality of the products are also affected by the presence of trash in cotton. AccuTrash is the most advanced and automatic trash testing instrument. This instrument is specially designed to separate and accurately measure/calculate the lint, trash, dust and micro-dust. It is supplied as standalone and also as a part of MAG HVT Expert series (High Volume Fibre Testing Instrument).

Features and advantages

  • Automatic & accurate trash measurement through Gravimetric method
  • Trash is separated through buoyancy separation technique by use of air current
  • Up to 50 grams sample size
  • Air current is automatically adjusted for better trash separation on continuous basis
  • Faster testing; single pass most of the time
  • User-friendly software
  • Long-term data storage and trend analysis

Hence, the real trash measurement (AccuTrash) will help industry in optimisation of waste removal, improvement in yarn realisation and quality.