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ITAMMA steps up recruitment drive

Jul 01, 2015
ITAMMA steps up recruitment drive

After an overwhelming response and a positive start to the recruitment drive initiative taken by ITAMMA at VJTI Campus in 2014´15. ITAMMA decided to carry out the same for the year 2015´16 at DKTE Institute of Textile & Engineering, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra. This event for textile under graduate/post graduate students with a strong practice orientation was organised at DKTE Institute of Textile & Engineering, Ichalkaranji (Maharashtra) on April 29, 2015, inviting ITAMMA Member-Companies on the selection board.

A month before, the CVs of about 23 students were received by the Directorate of ITAMMA from DKTE which were further scrutinised and sorted as per the interests shown by the students in their respective fields of work such as sales and marketing; corporate communication; purchase, procurement, supply chain and other operational areas; finance and controlling; human resources; general administration and internal business development. The same were forwarded to the interested member-companies of ITAMMA and accordingly the requirements of the ITAMMA member-companies were noted and a strategy of recruitment process was planned. Thereafter, the plan of activity was forwarded to the Placement Officer of DKTE Institute, Akiwate to explain the same to the interested students. During the programme Akiwate, Placement Officer welcome the ITAMMA team which consist of Om Mantry, Century Inks Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai; Vinit Shah, Vinit Rubber Works, Mumbai; Subramaniam, Caretex Engineers, Coimbatore which was lead by Vice President, Mayank Roy, ITAMMA who had delivered his Inaugural Address. Mayank Roy gave the details on the status & setup of Indian textile engineering industry giving the statistical figures. He also mentioned that, we take efforts to help our members in enriching their knowledge and upgrading their technological development through various cluster development initiatives like Lean, 5S, Design Awareness, etc. & to further help them to sustain in this competitive global market. We also help our members in enhancing their business activities under the umbrella of export initiatives through various cost competitive & innovative schemes helping them to show case their products & strengths in the International exhibitions. He concluded stating that this is an appropriate initiative taken by both, ITAMMA & DKTE, giving a valuable platform to the Students & Industrialists.

ND Mhatre, Director General (Tech) briefed the process of the recruitment campaign after the presentations made by each of the above members giving the insight of their products and their factory, as well as their requirements in regard with the candidate.