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ACME solutions for reliable power supply

Jan 01, 2015

- Samir Sharan, CEO, ACME Cleantech Solutions
Maintenance of continuous power supply from public authorities is not be guaranteed, and the increasing use by industry and commerce of equipment that cannot tolerate a long interruption (or in some cases, no interruption) in the supply or requires a high quality supply has led to the development of alternative sources of power.

Industries suffer badly from the effect of a supply interruption. There is consequential loss of production and productivity too suffers. And also when public supply is too expensive or not available, recourse can be made to temporary alternative power sources. Textile industry suffers due to erratic power supply deterring effective and efficient planning for streamlined production.

Unplanned power-cuts mean lost production time and lead often to lose, for example, broken yarns, variations in product quality and expensive time used for re-establishing the production decreasing Up-time critically. The cash-intensive production plants are left to the mercy of power supply and polluting storage & generation devices like lead-acid batteries and diesel generators.

Studies show that a lot of textile mills had to shut down due to heavy losses incurred by frequent power interruptions and all other power quality disturbances. In textile automatic processing, whole production lines can go out of control, creating hazardous situations for on-site personnel and expensive material waste. Loss of processing in a large textile corporation can cost thousands per minute of downtime, as well as many hours of recovery time to follow.

ACME Solutions
ACME´s breakthrough Lithium-ion technology based energy storage solutions help tackle power interruptions & losses due to power restoration time taken by providing dependable back-up power to Textile Industry. The technology is built to prevent unforeseen stops.

With profound knowledge of energy management, the solutions ACME offers are geared towards ensuring a continuous, reliable and completely planned power supply, process continuity, reduced costs as well as an optimal balance between energy production and process requirements.

ACME LiB ESS delivers next- generation solution to meet the clean energy requirements of textile industry including longer life, faster charge capability, wider temperature operating range, deeper discharge capability, almost zero maintenance, lower footprint & lesser weight due to high energy density, and higher reliability-resulting in a lower overall cost of ownership. Precision combined with flexibility and robust reliability makes LiB technology energy solution the optimal choice for the industry today.

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