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Zimmer delivers 500th MAGNOROLL

May 01, 2019
Zimmer delivers 500th MAGNOROLL

The MAGNOROLL coating machine is equipped with state-of-the-art operating software that has attracted many customers.

The sky is the limit. Another milestone has been achieved in the firm history by successfully shipping its 500th MAGNOROLL coating machine. “A milestone indeed and honour for us as well”, says Bruce Stalker from Eclipse Blinds, excited to receive the machine in Scotland (

Precision, quality and reliability - many aspects changed since the invention of the first MAGNOROLL, but this coating machine made its name as industry benchmark due to its constant characteristics of highest quality and from 1 to 500 - ZIMMER Austria is celebrating the benchmark of delivering its 500th MAGNOROLL coating machine. outstanding precision for reliable first-class results. This success is based on the effort of our dedicated workforce who managed to continuously improve and innovate.

Nowadays, the MAGNOROLL coating machine is equipped with state-of-the-art operating software that is loved by its customers. The machine comes in a unique modular design execution that combines various coating techniques (knife, screen, slot or magnet roll coating) within just one machine. This minimises machine downtime and ensures quick adaptation to specific requirements.

3 success pillars for sustainable added value

Highest precision, even on large working widths: Concentricity accuracy and precision is crucial for quality results, especially when applying coatings on large working widths. The world-famous ZIMMER MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS with up to 3 magnet bars, guarantees a 100 per cent uniform application for any coating, laminating and lacquering. ZIMMER Austria coating systems ensure the needed accuracy and precision for applying coatings also on working widths larger than five meters.

From idea to innovation - own application centre: Accelerating our client’s success is at the heart of our DNA. Therefore, ZIMMER AUSTRIA provides the opportunity to run trials or even small-scale productions at our Technology.Application Centre in Klagenfurt. Depending on the individual requirements we offer a variety of standard and special coating techniques to be tested together with our expert technologists, such as knife coating combined with screen printing.

Quality always - through decades of experience: Outstanding coating results require attention to every detail and the highest quality in every step of the process. ZIMMER Austria has decades of experience in the manufacturing of coating systems, where we achieved many breakthrough innovations that our customers benefit from. We believe that quality makes the difference. Therefore, we offer tailor-made coating systems, manufactured with highest quality materials (stainless steel, chromed steel, etc.), equipped with state-of-the-art operating software to bring our customers the highest level of quality.