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Rise of Umargam Textile!

Nov 01, 2016

Year 1959 was a memorable year for Umargam Textile. It saw the genesis of its parent company (Texsspares Machine Works) -- a star born on the horizon of textile-based machinery manufacturers. Spanning over four and a half decades, the company has established an identity, carving for itself a niche in the corporate world of manmade fibre, VFY polyester and sewing thread industry because of its excellent machines, backed by exemplary post-sales service.

Starting out with a precision cone winding machine for rayon and acetate yarn, the next step was the introduction of jumbo pineapple cone winding machine for metallic, nylon and polyester yarn.

Superconer was then indigenously developed for high speed cone, cheese winding machine, which soon became popular because of its sturdiness, reliability and ability to withstand all weather conditions. This is used for various types of manmade filament yarn.

As a result of constant improvisation, drive Superconer was modified as precision cone winding machine for the rayon market. The list of machine includes a variety of precision winders for different types of yarn, also Hank to cone winder (with inverter if required).

The consistent quality and earnestness of the company the appreciations of sewing thread manufacturers for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 tubes per spindle winder and twin coner, king spool (Y cone) winders in single, twin, three and four per spindle also.

These are manufactured by Umargam Textile Machinery Pvt Ltd at Umergam, Gujarat since 1991.

With an aim to always excel in quality, every little thing is taken care of. Constant innovations have resulted in high quality products consuming low power, increasing profitability.

After 25 years, the company works with the same zeal to keep up its reputation as the ‘UTM’, the one to trust.

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