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Instamod Air Pipe: An expert in air piping solutions

Sep 01, 2016
Instamod Air Pipe: An expert in air piping solutions

Instamod Air Pipe Private Limited, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Eco Pipe Ltd, Hong Kong, is a manufacturer of products for compressed air pipeline network. The company is engaged in air compressor industry and air transmission industry. Instamod Air Pipe designs and manufactures quick connect air piping solutions for compressed air, vacuum and inert gases. It specialises in air pipe work systems for new project for renovation, extension or modification of existing systems for industries in textile, electronics, automobiles, food, chemical fields, packaging and printing, etc.

The AIRpipe full performance compressed air pipe system differentiates itself through outstanding design, material and production process. The products are upgraded and improved at regular intervals to meet customers’ needs at the best of its ability. The company offers a 10-year quality assurance and provides excellent service. It has a specialised technical staff that follows the entire production development cycle from design to the creation of moulds to the final manufacturing.

Instamod Air Pipe provides excellent and complete set of service. Before sales, its engineers visit the client and get a full understanding of their actual demand and production situation to work out the best, customised air solution for them. This solution will be reliable, energy saving, efficient and flexible, as the company can keep a close track of the project and provide the necessary training and well as trouble shooting, if any such need arises. Mature technology, perfect quality: Compressed air pipe systems play an important role in the entire line of the production. AIRpipe system adopts the unique technology, providing high quality compressed air under suitable pressure environment, reducing the energy cost for the client. The spare parts for the system are more flexible for installation and can meet different design and production requirements for different customers.

Salient features

  • High quality and smooth inner surface will never rust. It ensures a suitable flow of compressed air and guarantees the safety at the point of use
  • High performance of “O” sealing ring ensures excellent seal and no leakage
  • Fin guide design and low friction inner surface eliminate the airflow restriction, reducing the pressure drop as much as possible, and
  • Full volume flow reduces the pressure drop efficiency

AIRpipe spare parts can be dismounted and used repeatedly which adapt to the changing environment; shunt device and branch pipelines can be added quickly at any time, which can adapt to the adjustment of production line; the header slops in the direction of the airflow towards to low point so that the condensed water can be removed from pipe system. The pipe and the joints can be assembled quickly without any preparation; quick assembly, no welding, agglutination or inter twist is needed; no deep training is needed; and light, easy to cut the pipes and easy to operate on site. The company has over 15,000 users abroad and some installations in India also.

Application in textile industry

Air is a very sensitive subject in the textile industry, especially in fields such as weaving, spinning, stitching, etc. all needing good quality of air. Instamod Air Pipe’s systems are non-corroded and adhere to the good quality of air transmission through its piping. Instamod Air Pipe guarantees customer satisfaction, a key factor for all textile industry.

Since Indian textile industry contributes 15 per cent to GDP, this industry needs good products to sustain the production losses from poor quality of air, and the answer to this is AIRpipe. The company has plenty of customers in weaving, spinning, stitching, dyeing, knitting, sewing, garments and they all are now getting educated on the subject of importance of good quality by using AL piping.