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GizmoCat for machine safety

Nov 01, 2016

Custom Logics Pvt Ltd offers GizmoCat – an ultrasound rat repellent for machines. Rats are a global menace to machines, capable of damaging wires and cables. Furthermore, rat’s wastes are acidic and corrosive and so lethal to PCBs and electronics. For the industrial sector especially manufacturing and assembly lines, rats ruin expensive and critical machinery, thus causing downtime and delivery rescheduling. Not only do they cause monetary loss but also reputations take a severe beating in such critical times. GizmoCat is easily installed in enclosures like electronic panels, CNC panels, PLC panels, vending machines, etc. It comes in 12~30 V DC and 110~230 V AC variants. GizmoCat bombards ultrasound frequencies, which create a hostile environment for rats. Ultrasound is a spectrum of sound, which starts just above human hearing (20 Hz to 20 kHz) range. It does not interfere with other ultrasound based sensing devices. For 24/7 protection GizmoCat needs to be always powered ‘On’.

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