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Techno-economics of shuttle less loom: A critical review

admin- June 1, 2021

Shuttle-less looms are useful in fulfilling the rising demand for woven products. Apart from the high speed, the shuttle-less looms have advantages like less picking ... Read More

COVID-19 hurts textile exporters

admin- March 28, 2020

Textile and clothing exporters have started feeling the impact of Covid-19 because of supply chain disruptions, fall in exports and cancellation of international events Read More

Stäubli tech for manufacturing advanced textiles

admin- May 1, 2019

The list of potential applications of technical textiles seems almost endless. Engineers and research institutes regularly find new and more demanding areas in which the ... Read More

Textile museum opens recycling exhibit

admin- September 7, 2017

The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York has opened an exhibit focused on reducing textile waste through reuse. Read More

Customised quality control systems from Lenzing

admin- December 1, 2016

Lenzing Instruments booth offers an update on available systems for quality- and process control of staple fibre, filament, nonwovens, woven fabric, composites and plastic film Read More

Brückner strengthens setup in China

admin- April 1, 2014

The BRÃœCKNER Textile Technology group is a world-wide acting owner-run textile mechanical engineering and manufacturing company with more than 60 years of tradition and experience. Read More

3D fabrics: Performance depends on layers

admin- April 1, 2014

As the layer increases in a 3D orthogonal structure of 3D fabrics, its performance also increases, but the ratio of binder warp to separating warp ... Read More