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US cotton gets a favourable look by South Indian textile spinners

Dr Seshadri Ramkumar- January 18, 2022

Jayalakshmi Textiles, based in Tamil Nadu, has booked 300 tonnes of cotton from High Plains of Texas, according to Prof Seshadri Ramkumar of Texas Tech ... Read More

US cotton’s sustainability story starts at the soil

admin- April 1, 2021

Through the adoption of practices such as minimal tillage, and the growing of winter cover crops, U.S. cotton farms have improved soil health and increased ... Read More

Sustainability – Prime Focus for the US Cotton Industry

admin- January 20, 2021

There has been increasing interest in sustainability among brands and consumers globally. The US cotton industry has always had a sustainability-focused approach and has comprehensive ... Read More

Trust Protocol welcomes its first Latin America members

admin- January 15, 2021

The US Cotton Trust Protocol welcomed its first Latin America-based members. Among other benefits, membership enables these mills and manufacturers to prove that the cotton ... Read More

Gap joins Trust Protocol & Textile Exhange’s 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge

admin- January 1, 2021

Gap recently joined the US Cotton Trust Protocol and Textile Exchange’s 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge as part of its integrated sustainability strategy and to achieve ... Read More

US Trust Protocol welcomes its first 10 US mills

admin- December 26, 2020

The US Cotton Trust Protocol recently welcomed first 10 US cotton textile manufacturers – Buhler Quality Yarns, Cap Yarns, CCW, Contempora Fabrics, Cotswold Industries, Frontier ... Read More

NCC to work with Tom Valsick on sustainability matters

admin- December 24, 2020

The National Cotton Council of America looks forward to working again with US Agriculture Secretary appointee Tom Vilsack on matters ranging from sustainable, climate smart ... Read More